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Narrowly escaped a smash & grab

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Last night, one or more people broke into two cars in the small parking lot next to my apartment. This area has been notorious over the years for having cars broken into due to how secluded and dark it is at night (in a semi-wooded area). No windows from the apartment face this parking lot, so the thugs think it's a free-for-all and have hit some people twice even.

I was third in line parked next to a newish Chevy TrailBlazer and a late 90s Pontiac Sunfire (the Pontiac was closest to the parking lot entrance). The guy that drives the TB is moving out next week to Michigan where his wife will be attending grad school.

My car had a pretty new mini-fridge in the backseat on the driver's side that I was going to bring to work this morning so we could have a place to keep our drinks cold while we're at our temporary office. The TB was parked on the passenger side of my Lumina and the Sunfire was next to the TB. What we think these low-lifes did was hit the Sunfire first (grabbed a CD player and some other items), then smashed the driver's window of the TrailBlazer which set the alarm off. They high-tailed it out of there before they got to my car and the $60 fridge in the backseat (probably never even saw it).

I can't believe how lucky I am...if I had parked on the other side, I would have surely been hit and missing a fridge.

What really pisses me off is that right as things are returning to normal around here after a hellish couple weeks, these bastards are back at it. The girl that drives the Sunfire just moved here on Sunday morning...talking about a warm welcoming.

When this place was first built in the early 80s, doctors and lawyers lived here. Now it's mostly young professionals just starting out with a new job and little money...we can't afford to be fixing broken windows and replacing stolen items. So many people have complained to management and have demanded that they install security cameras, but nothing has been done. The police patrol has increased, but what's the likelyhood of them actually catching them in the act?

It's not like this is a high crime area either...it's actually pretty quiet around here. But these same clowns have been hitting this parking lot for years and nothing has been done about it. It makes me nervous to even consider buying a new car, at least until I find somewhere to live.

Management better do something unless they want this place to really turn into a low-rent dive and drive all the 8-5ers away like some of the other complexes in this town.

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That sucks...they need to do something...

I feel bad for the guy in the TB too (and the gal)...AND he's coming to Michigan? The crime is getting crazy around here....

I might just have to leave to keep my wife and son from having anything bad happen to them....

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hmmm time to camp out and flex the 2nd amendment hehe... or a least a tazer powered 2nd amendment

...if only I didn't have to get up at 6:30 every morning...speaking of which...

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I had a smash and grab last summer....was parked in a well-lit movie theater lot in a Denver suburb...I guess the thought I had an iPod in the car since I had my iPod adapter (cassette adapter) in plain sight...they smashed the driver's window and stole a couple of CDs that were in the center console. First break in I'd had in over 20 years of driving. I take care not to leave anything out in plain sight now..

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Smash and grab happened to me. They got my Sirius radio, but I blocked it immediately. Where I live, the crime blotter is N/A most of the time because not much happens around here. But if you do call 911, boy do the police get here quick.

The night this all happened however, there were like 45 MPH winds, so I thought the alarm was going off because of the wind. The person also hit other cars in the area too because we heard other car alarms go off that night.

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