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Who Watches NeXt on MTV?

Guest Josh

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It's on now....I was praying for lesbians and there were gay people on the first set. Some dude who I can't remember his name is getting knocked by the other guys on the bus because he's ugly. I love this show. Especially when gays/lesbians get on there. Usually the chicks all end up making out with each other on the bus towards the end. No offense is meant by my post...but it's a show I find entertaining.
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I've seen the show a few times. Not particularly one of my favorites but I agree, the episodes with the gays and lesbians are pretty funny. Did you ever see the episode where the guy and one of the 5 girls gets in a fight in the car? It's the same guy that made another girl swim back to shore after they went out on the boat.
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MTV blows.

Got that right.

its funny cuz your name is deftones fan.... def an mtv generation display name


...and MTV was good back when the M actually stood for something. Edited by Croc
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MTV is for tools. Its like 18 hours a day of Beverly Hills 90210 meets Big Brother followed buy the overnight 6 hours of 50 Cent, the Killers and Kelly Clarkson videos. Entertainment for the mindless. That includes Pimp My Ride, which is watchable because it is so laughable.
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Laguna Beach is MTV's best show.  Guilty pleasure even though all the girls pretty much look the same.  One of them has maids that deliver food to the table...amazing.


That show definitely must be scripted. I cannot see how that is a reality show.
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