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Nobody dies anymore...

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Evidence that nobody simply dies anymore:


I've always found it interesting...and even a bit irritating...how people use different phrases to say someone has died...but maybe that's just me. Maybe saying someone has died sounds so cold...but, death is rather cold, isn't it?

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I agree KF, more nonsense! <_<

Modifying the language to modify

the perception of the condition is

an art form in this country,

another blessed gift from the

political correct movement.

also see this thread: http://www.cheersandgears.com/forums/index...mp;#entry425300

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I agree with what the article is saying; out of all the things mentioned, the only one I've ever said and will continue to say is "passed away," because it doesn't sound as crude as "died" but also doesn't sound like you're afraid to talk about death.

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He's f@#king' dead.


Deader than a squirrel on a major highway during rush hour and a 7 car pileup involving a big rig that exploded right over it.

How's that for politically correct? :P

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When I was back in Delaware last month, I noticed that the local newspaper no longer puts the Cause of Death in the Obituraries. I guess it's not PC to know your neighbor died of Cancer, AIDS, Heart Attack, or whatever? I used to read them and think those poor bastards that work in such and such company are all dieing of Cancer, etc. Being PC has taking the joy out of my Obiturary reading, those Bastards.

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If DE was still putting causes of death in obits in this millenium, I have a new sliver of respect for DE. I haven't seen that practice regularly for decades in Jersey. To the point that a page 1 accident story is matched by a page 10 obit of the same person, with nary a whisper of CoD there.

The most fascinating obit I've ever read; here's a partial passage from my G-G-G-granduncle Adam Zupp's obituary, Ellenville NY, 09-19-1898

>>>"Mr Zupp, though not down with sickness, had been in poor health much of the time for 3 or 4 years. Monday forenoon he was digging potatoes and gathering some other garden vegetables. He took a hearty dinner and was going out to work again about one o'clock, when something about his suspenders gave way and he walked up the steps for a needle & thread with which to mend them. Returning, he stood by the door and had taken a single stitch when a little hacking sound was heard from his throat. He stooped forward and appeared to be vomiting. His son asked if he wanted anything, and presently his wife placed a chair, suggesting that he be seated. To both he simply waved his hand in declination. It was then noticed that his hemmorage was of blood, and a minute later he sank on the chair, and for the first time he found speech, only to remark, "I am gone." and almost immediately he passed away. The physician certified hemmorage of the stomach as the cause of death."<<<

Today's obits (much like today's cars :P ) are staggeringly mundane in comparison.

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