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07 Escalade


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Honestly, Jim Dunne sounded silly in this little article. He seems to think everyone wants a smooth Escalade, the appeal of the Escalade has been it's larger than life presence. What heavy criticism? Huh? GM has a full line of trucks and suvs from small to very large. No different than most major car makers.
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....oh and that Colorado is definitely interesting just below that Escalade spy shot.


I think that it maybe a future H3 pickup truck disguised as a Colorado. The Colorado already has a Z71 model so why would make another 4x4 package. Edited by 03Yukon
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03Yukon do you have a larger pic of that Escalade thats in your avatar for me to add to my collection?....damn that is one of the nicest I've seen


I got that picture from www.superbuytires.com.
Look under Caddy Escalade EXT in the gallery. It should be there.

It looks like it won't let me upload the pic. Edited by 03Yukon
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Damn.....it's good to know there is an Escalade mule running around here :P


One of the things I do miss about living in Michigan are the mules/prototypes you can see on the roads, day or night...

When I lived in Ann Arbor in the mid-90s I saw all sorts of interesting prototypes around town and on the U of M campus....late at night, I'd see strange prototypes with Mfgr plates outside the main Engineering building...things like undisguised Renault diesel vans (idling in the lot at 2 am), the C5 Corvette (slightly disguised in fall '95), European Fords, etc... not to mention all the cool cars in the Car & Driver and Automobile magazine parking lots.. (I would cruise through C&D's lot off Hogback Rd at least a couple times a month to see what they were testing..)

I do see an occasional prototype doing high-altitude testing here in Colorado occasionally, though--I saw Monaro coupes (and Commodore sedans) 2 years before the GTO came out--crusing through a mall parking lot in broad daylight--with Chevy badges and Michigan mfgr plates, the Nissan Armada 6 months before it came out, an AMG CLS 65 and AMG R-class Merc recently, etc... Edited by moltar
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I wonder if that's a Colorado test mule or a trest mule for some other truck wiht a Colorado body to disguise it.
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More important are the changes to the grille and front fascia: The lower half is cut away to allow for a steeper approach angle and more off-road capability.

:lol: Hahahaha! :lol: All they did was remove the bottom portion of the bumper, and there's no changes to the grille.

I'm in agreement with others here that it's a Colorado body on a Hummer H3 mule platform. Remember what our insiders have said about the possible Hummer H4/Hx: Theta will most likely be the platform used for that, not the GMT-355/356 (Canyon/Colorado/H3) platform.
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