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What started out as a simple "replace the oil pan gasket" became a two year project. Not that we worked on the car for two years, just that it took that long.

See, to drop the oil pan on this Stude, you really need to either pull the engine or take the whole damn undercarriage apart. Guess which one we did?

Since the starter was in the way, I went to remove the starter. But the exhaust is in the way.

Since the exhaust was in really bad shape and there was no way to get it apart normally, I used a sawsall. Exhaust out of the way. Back to the starter.

The grommet on the starter wire broke apart when removing, causing the need to have someone take apart the starter and might as well have it rebuilt while it is out.

Since I could not brake the bolts from the exhaust to the manifolds, decided it would be a good idea to take the manifolds off and clean them as get new gaskets.

Dropped the oil pan, but steering is in the way. I ran out of time and the car sat for awhile.

My dad came to the rescue and worked to tear apart the tie rods and steering to finally drop the oil pan. Cleaned the pan up. Replaced oil pan gaskets. Put oil pan back. Put steering back. Put exhaust manifolds back.

No money for new exhaust, so dad created makeshift straight pipes.

After much charging and priming, the Avanti awakens after a two year nap... if only for a few seconds:

Then finally success. The car is alive and stayed at idle perfectly. No oil leaks so far, and the exhaust manifolds seem solid. Now to get that damn exhaust - though it sounds good as it is:

So just in time for winter, the Avanti is alive.

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Very sweet that your Avanti is alive once again. VERY good news, even if it is ushering in winter....

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"Come pick me up" ... Ben Folds ... 'Landed'

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