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GM: Sprouting Life by Killing Dreams

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So we now know some of what’s been going on inside the Tech Center and Ren Cen for more than likely many months. Half of the North American brands wearing that chrome GM badge will be sold, cut, or put in a coma. At least GM’s starting to be a little gracious now that it’s strangled most of its brands nearly to death. Honestly, step into a GM showroom right now. Name at least two vehicles from each brand that could be considered desirable from the mass public.

Oh, and don’t let me forget to wish you good luck.

Cadillac has much going for it just with the CTS and its upcoming variations. The Escalade is okay at best, and the DTS and STS are FWD subpar boats. The XLR is not worth the price one would pay for it, and the V-Series vehicles are only good for their thrill factor and that’s about it. Technologically, aside from the CTS, Cadillac is nowhere where it needs to be. This should, however, be changed soon when the new SRX is put in showrooms, the XLR is cut, the Alpha Cadillac is completed, and STS/DTS replacement comes. But until that, we’ve got a few years of uninteresting FWD “luxury” cars from our premium brand.

Buick stays afloat with a few very nice vehicles to come, but right now all we’ve got to look at is the Enclave. Even grandma won’t take a look at the Buick fleet as it stands because even she has better style than those big, gawking oval grilles that haven’t changed in what seems like 20 years.

Then we’ve got Chevrolet -- oh where to start? Let’s not even name the bad. The Malibu is a great replacement for the former Malibu, the Cobalt is only good for its Turbo SS model and fuel efficient XFE trim, and the Corvette is nice but hasn’t seen any change since it was introduced. The Traverse is a great crossover that should fair well for the brand and the GMT-900s aren’t so bad either. Aside from that, most of the Chevrolets are pretty much junk. Good thing we’re getting nice new models and replacements soon: Spark, Cruze, Orlando, Volt, Camaro, and Equinox. These should certainly jump-start this lackluster brand.

With GMC we’ve got the same story as the Chevrolet trucks. Why this brand will continue to exist is beyond me when they are all just rebadged, slightly different Chevrolets. Numbers don’t lie though and GMC’s sales and profits are thriving.

As for the brands that are getting canned, I’m not sure what to say. I thought Saturn was doing well and being “backed by GM.” I guess not. Apparently the Sky, Aura, Outlook, and Vue aren’t doing as well as I had thought, but I see them all over the place here.

Then we look at Pontiac and, if you can read history, it’s obvious why it’s dying. Remember how GM choked the life out of Oldsmobile and basically forced it to surrender? Well they did, the buyers got pissed, and the flying rocket disappeared from the market. The arrowhead will soon be gone too.

Hummer really has no point in living in a world where Washington makes the call to have every vehicle make 170 MPG and zero emissions. I’ll leave it at that.

Hopefully Saab will get sold to its homeland where it can hopefully flourish and be better engineered. The brand holds much potential, but GM hasn’t invested the money except for a little in the 9-3 to make it look much, much better.

Now GM has to move on to its next life where it faces the customer face-to-face and gives the consumer exactly what the government wants GM to. Maybe this is a good thing to some, but not for the diehard fans of real cars with drivewheels in the back, torque to push you through a brick wall, and a six-speed on the floor. Soon we’ll be forced to drive V6 sleds that pull us through that last stretch of the quarter-mile. I know that technology has come a long way and right now there are V6s making more than some V8s, but it’s just not the same.

Hopefully GM can meet us halfway here. By cutting some of the brands we love, maybe they’ll invest more money into a new Chevelle true to its nameplate or even a ZL1 Camaro. This is probably pie-in-the-sky thinking, but I don’t see a reason to not think about it. With the news that’s been circulating the last year or so, many of our dreams have been killed. I think it’s about time we sprout new dreams with what we’ve now got.

Here’s to hoping GM creates something new that we might actually love to drive.

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Sorry to nitpick...

STS is NOT FWD... unless your AWD model drops its rear driveshaft on the highway. Sigma, Sigma, Sigma... is RWD. Why is this such a misconception?

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Who wrote this? Obviously, they haven't set foot in a Cadillac dealership since 2004, because the STS is a rear-drive sedan and not a "front-drive boat."

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I think you mean the STS is RWD and the DTS is FWD. I happen to like both of those products alot, they appeal to me more than any CTS save for the V model. I think you said alot of thinking that are sadly true. Time will tell how stupid they end up being. I hoping not very. Killing Pontiac totally would be a game changer for me, and might force me to buy a non-GM car once Pontiac dies. We will all have to wait and see, I wish GM the best.

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Sad, but well said.

We shall see.

<---- not holding breath.

I am with Camino on the sad but well said. I am pretty sure you meant the STS is RWD and the DTS is FWD, you were just saying both are boats. I happen to respect both of those cars and if I was rich would have a copy of both in my fleet. I see your point about them being large and "oldish" but hey I am not a spring chicken any more either. :smilies-38096: I loved my first Cadillac. As for Pontiac if you said ends up happening which I kind-of doubt because after GM cleans house this first time around with Saturn, Saab and Hummer I think it will free up alot more for Pontiac, and all the other brands. That is what I am hoping, anyways. If GM is done with Pontiac I could very well be done with GM and have been buying GM forever. My son whom loves Pontiac will prolly be done with them as well. My next car will be a used GM vehicle but after that if Pontiac is around but I has no product I want I would prolly get a Chevy maybe a Buick (a big maybe). If Pontiac dies I might just very well be done with GM, so no I might no jump over to Buick or Chevrolet like they want me too. You just won't see me in an import ever. Unless it is a Honda. How GM treats Pontiac will effect how I treat GM and I have a few more cars to buy yet, well more than a few. My son will too, even if they need re-badges for a few years when things get better Pontiac is a brand that has value and can be great again. Time will tell. Better hold onto my Bonneville for a classic the way things seem to be going now, if I don't my son will. :AH-HA_wink:

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Not going to happen.

I keep preaching that cars in general are going to suck in general. There are simply not enough car people to save the fate of these cars from the greenies.

Like it or not-the greenies have won.

Granted a few models will sneak out, but most people just want a washing machine on wheels, with a bit a tech, and plenty of MPGs.....

Nothing is safe from these idiots in Washington-and I mean nothing........

Think about it. When the current generation thinks sound systems and body kits are cool, you know you are in trouble.......

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