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Good list of back roads

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Link from a Miata site...nice roads if you want a back road or ride a bike.

Just thought I'd pass along the link



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There are some interesting ones in Ohio listed, but they missed the ones from Eastern Ohio that I'm familiar with...lots of good ones, esp. state routes, east of I-71, north of I-70, west of the Ohio river, s. of Canton/Akron (those in Tuscarawas, Holmes, Coshocton, Carroll, Guernsey, Harrison, and Jefferson counties are what I'm thinking of). Though some can be Amish-infested and the occasional farmer w/ traffic.

Lots of good windy roads, many with 'whoopteedoos'--the undulating, roller coaster-like paths, very little traffic. Going to take my Mustang out on some of them when I'm back there Mem. Day weekend.

Got a red X on the Az and Colorado listings, will try again later to see those.

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Wow ... some interesting roads listed there.

I love exploring back roads ... and drive them as much as possible. Mentioned it last year:


Thanks for sharing that link, Chris!!!

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