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Some New Bling Behind the Front Wheels

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Treated my car to some AC/Delco ceramic front brakes, drilled/slotted rotors, and replaced both front struts after the right one started leaking thanks to my accident last year.





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Looks very nice. How hard is it to do a brake upgrade?

I imagine no tougher than replacing a rotor. It looks like the caliper is the same, so its a matter of swapping the rotors and, I assume, pads.

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These were direct-fit replacements. I got the cross-drilled rotors because of the ceramic pads, as they'd have warped the heck out of stock rotors. If you wanted to upsize your rotors/brakes, you could get a complete kit that would come with new pads, rotors, calipers, brackets, and possibly hoses or ABS sensor relocators, depending on the application.

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SWEET :metal:

That is on my wish list / todo list for my suburban since I have a much bigger / powerful engine now, I want better stopping.

Have you noticed the stopping response differance yet? What is the break in / seating period for Ceramics?

Car freak mind wants to know! :P

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I put a set of Power Slot slotted rotors on my old 05 Silverado with ACDelco Ceramic pads and I really liked them. The rotors had a white coating on them that wore off where the pad touched the rotor, but stayed on everywhere else to prevent corrison. Werent to bad in price. I hope those work out nice for you.

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Did you know the holes don't help anything? :)


Still, good looking setup. :)


The holes not only reduce surface area, but they can cause the rotors to crack or break.

Some cheaper brands even take perfectly good blanks, run them through a drill press, and turn around and put a markup on them. All for the bling!

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