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A Horse With No Name

Kappa Driver hurt at deals gap...

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that is sad... Its a rough road. I dont think its enjoyable to drive myself as I laid my Yamaha V star down there. luckily There was some guys with a trailer that pulled my bike for me.

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Perception and perspective is interesting once you get both sides of the story. It would make sense for someone to say that 'Keith' was living life, having an accident but doing what he loved to do. Then you read a response from his wife:

I'm not interested in cars, other than as a convenient method of getting the groceries home, so I'm going to let you all get back to your party...right after I express one last thought.

I never liked Keith's Solstice. I rode in it exactly once, and found it to be cramped, too low to the ground, had no trunk space. I never understood his attraction to it, until now. The car has two main purposes; to make people turn their heads and look, and to go twice the maximum speed limit. It's a car for show-offs. He's a show-off. One show-off, by himself, doesn't have to do much to draw attention. But when a group of show-offs get together, it becomes a game of trying to out-show-off each other, to prove who is the show-offiest. Keith would call it a "penis measuring contest".

Keith "truly lived" for a moment, and now he gets to spend the rest of his life in chronic pain, on disability insurance. Yeah, that's so much beter than his old boring mundane "not living" that he's been doing. I can only hope that my "not living" doesn't include wiping drool off his chin and tying his shoes for him. Or reminding him every 1/2 hour what my name is. That moment of "truly living" may have cost us every other dream we had for our future, as well as the house he and I built together, side by side, with our own hands. I don't believe he would think an adrenaline rush was worth this nightmare we now face.

Makes sense.

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His wife's comments are exactly why I autocross.

Keep it safe, keep it real, keep it off the streets.

Something like tail of the dragon is good driving at 6 or 7 tenths, when you can feel the car work and enjoy the scenery.

Not so much fun to race on a public road.


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From what my friend said who rode the Tail on his motorcycle, it is extremely treacherous, with no guardrails and long drop-offs if you leave the road. He said ambulances are out there very often, and rate of injury and death is very high. It's a shame.

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