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My First Vacation in Three Years


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I leave this Wednesday for my first trip out of NYS since 2006, when I went to Texas. It's been a long time coming. Here's what's on the agenda:

9/2: arrive in Las Vegas, spend the night at the Mirage

9/3-9/5: Bicycle Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park spending the night at various inns along the way

9/6: morning hike in Zion, return to Vegas in the afternoon, finally unpack at Desert Rose Resort - a suite across from MGM that's $30/cheaper a night

9/7: leave for a one day white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon

9/8: skydiving over Las vegas in the morning, rest of the day free

9/9: return to NY

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*palms sweating*

Vegas, and its food, sounds great! Mangia, mangia...you ought to know what that means...LOL.

I also have my vacations kind of planned by day, with enough "slush" in the schedule to not make it that rigid. Wow, when I crave a domestic trip in North America, it tends to be the Florida Panhandle, the Southeast Atlantic coast or Eastern Canada.

Have a great time!

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Ask, and ye shall receive....

Since I already spent half a day posting them on my Facebook page, I'll just provide the links here - there's way too many to try to re-host:

The Las Vegas Strip

Bike Trip Day 1: Cedar Breaks to Panguitch Lake, UT

Bike Trip Day 2: Panguitch Lake to Bryce Canyon, UT

Bike Trip Day 3: Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park, UT

Bike Trip Day 4: Hiking Zion National Park, UT

Rafting the Grand Canyon, Skydiving, and Flightlining

This was the trip of a lifetime. Not only was it thrill after thrill after thrill, I also remembered how much I love the southwest and how the northeast really isn't my cup of tea. The heat doesn't bother me one bit, and I love the scenery, the people, and the "wide openness" of it all. It's an active/outdoorsy person's paridise.

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Hey z: Excellent trip and excellent photos. That we pursue what we each like is important. I know you really like the Southwest! And if you like all those outdoors things, then it's definitely quite a place. I like checking out autumn foliage and an occasional trip to the beach, so the Northeast/Middle Atlantic with an occasional jaunt to Florida (minus backyard pythons) would work for me. I'd make a great unfiltered Guido living somewhere in the Tri-State area! :lol:

A few questions:

1. First time skydiving?

2. Did you try the Mirage buffet and, if so, was it good?

3. What kind of rental did you have? (It wasn't that exotic yellow car?)

WELCOME BACK...and glad you had a safe trip!

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