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Mystery solved...


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Last Ocotber I posted a picture of a trailer that puzzled me when I saw it at a truck show and asked here if anyone knew what it was used for. Here's the picture from last year:


Of course no one had figured it out, and online research didn't help (we were thinking military/tank hauling, but couldn't figure out how things "got on"). Fast forward to yesterday...

I went back to the annual All-Mack show there again yesterday with hopes that the trailer would be on display (it was!). The owner wasn't in sight, but after waitintg a bit I did find a guy that knew the owner and what the trailer was used for - hauling large and heavy cranes.

The guy went on to explain that this trailer isn't a traditional gooseneck and that the rear wheels detach and roll off the back of the trailer. The crane is then walked up the rails, the rear of the trailer is jacked up, the wheels are rolled back on and the pins are reinserted and the trailer is ready for transport.

Picture detail:





- Look in the center to see the pins,



(you can also see here the end rails where they jacked the trailer up to put the wheels back on)



(here you can see the pin <rounded end, smashed from years of use) and the wedge that holds the pin in place)

The guy said it was a lot of work to do, but before the more modern day gooseneck became available, this trailer is what was used to haul the large, heavy cranes from site to site.

Not sure if anyone else cared, but thought I'd share my finding!!

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