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Oracle of Delphi

Y'all saw the Volt dance right? Well here is what Bob Lutz wanted to use

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This was no worse than the Prius spots that I hate.

I agree the song is Catchy... annoying, but catchy.

I almost think it sounds like the song Fish Head by Barnes and Barnes LOL!

Good thing I am leaving now to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra to cleanse this from my head. Then when I leave the concert I will only have have visions of the Miller Beer and Lexus Christmas comercials in my head.

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Moving Bob away from marketing wasn't such a bad idea after all......

Funny, GM-Volt.com seemed to have the exact opposite reaction.

You have seen/heard the crap they are doing insteady, right?


I think Bob's choice is a better song and it is from TMBG, who have some credibility. The GM version comes off as a poser rip-off.

But at least the actual Volt song is about the Volt. I'm pretty sure the TMBG song is actually about a car that doesn't burn gas... perhaps the Nissan Leaf ;)

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From Volt notgonnahappen.com to detergent box to media hype to flawed design to why 16KW battery to small volumes for substantial impact to LEAF your trolling against Volt just does not stop.

You will learn the lesson of going fully electric when LEAF gets stranded in the cold Canadian winter. But wait a minute, you won't buy the LEAF because all you care is about bashing the Volt and anything remotest against the VOLT is a smoking barrel for you. I am looking forward to how you attack the Volt next once the dried LEAF falls off the tree.

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