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how I would Fix GM

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here is how i would fix GM.. feel free to comment on any of my ideas!!

let me first start with Chevrolet..


Aveo: the 2007 redesign helps alot, but i would add a hot 3 door hatchback, also id add a "RS" model, avalible in the sedan and 3 door it would be powered by the 145 hp 2.2L ecotec..

Cobalt: add a hybrid model, offer a AWD version with a 250hp turbo 4cyl to take on the imports, change the sedans rear tailights to make them round like the coupe.. offer better interior appointments even if you have to raise the price $500.00!! drop the 2.2L ecotec from the coupes and make the 2.4L ecotec standard.. the sedan would still offer the 2.2L

Malibu: a new model is coming for 2008/09 and i heard its larger and we will finally have a legit camry and accord fighter.. i just hope the new one offers the 3.6L dohc V6!!

Impala: this would switch to the Rwd zeta platform.. it would allow for gm to take back some of the taxi/police market from Ford.. i would throw in a few "retro" cues from 60's impala's, top engine would be a 400hp 6.0L V8..

Camaro: would return in 2008 very simular to the current concept..

Monte Carlo: with the camaro returning, you could do one of two things with this car.. eiether make it a cheaper version of the next gen GTO on the zeta platform.. or shift it to the FWD epsilon platform, where it would be a rebodied G6 coupe..

HHR: offer the 2.0L supercharged from the cobalt SS..

Silverado: new model next year, not enough data to comment

Colorado: give the front facia and the interior a much needed facelift.. the inline 5 isnt cutting it as the top engine.. maybe even offer the 3.9L OHV V6.. this will likely be used in a RWD application in the camaro so why not here??

Express: make a short wheelbase version to replace the departed Astro van..

minivan: a new one is coming built on the lambda platform.. can we FINALLY build a van that can defeat the caravan and honda odessey??

Equinox: can we please drop the 3.4L?? make the 3.5L standard and eiether the 3.9L ohv V6 or the 3.6L dohc V6 an option?? make a SS version with eiether the 3.6 or 3.9L, lowered suspension and 20" wheels..

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now ill do Pontiac, GMC and Buick, saab and saturn


Lacrosse: its time to ditch the 3800 V6, make the 3.6L dohc V6 the base engine..

would move to smaller Epsilion platform on next redesign..

Lucerne: see lacrosse

lambda crossover: too new to comment, looks like a winner though

Rendevous: dead after 2006 model year.

Rainier: dead after 2007 model year.

Terazza: dead after 2007 model year.

zeta sedan: what we need here is a RWD sedan that will take on the chrysler 300.. it will be a reskinned next gen Impala..

Rivera: this would be built on the FWD epsilion platform and would in essence be a reskinned pontiac G6 coupe.. although it would be more upscale and only come with the 3.6L dohc V6..

Invicta: this would be a buick version of the next generation cadillac CTS although it would be slightly smaller and would compete with the BMW 3 series and lexus IS.


Canyon: would get the same upgrades as the Colorado pickup.

Cyclone: the return of the super quick compact truck of the early 90's.. it would be basically a Canyon pickup with a turbo charged 3.9L V6

Envoy: a new model is due for 2008..

Sierra: new model for 2007

Lambda crossover: new for 2007

Savana: no changes

yukon: new model just going on sale. looks like a winner..


Vibe: will be redesigned for 2007-08 on corolla platform

Solstice: add a hardtop hatchback coupe..

G6: replace the pushrod V6's with the 2.8L and 3.6L dohc V6's.. upgrade the interior quality..

SV6: dead after 2007

Torrent: same upgrades as the Equinox

Grand Prix: replace it with a RWD Zeta sedan

GTO: new one due for 08 or 09, this one will share parts and a assembly line with the Camaro. it will be more retro styled..

G4: a reskined Chevy Cobalt.. no sheetmetal would be common on both of the cars except the roof.. and unlike the chevy the pontiac would only come as a coupe.. it would also have a diffrent interior..


Ion: replaced with a version of the European Opel Astra, would come in 3 door hatchback, 4 door sedan and a wagon..

Vue: new model for 2007, a shorter wheelbase version of the chevy equinox

Aura: new model for 2007

Sky: new model for 07

Outlook: new lambda crossover for 2007

minivan: redesigned on the lambda platform for 2008

Zeta sedan: this would be a RWD sedan and would be a version of the next impala, grand prix..


9-2X replaced with a AWD delta platform vehicle..

9-3 redesigned for 2008/09

9-5 would be moved to the RWD sigma platform.. would be based on the current Cadillac STS..

9-7X redesigned for 08, still based on the Trailblazer..

9-1: a kappa roadster..

9-4X a reskinned Chevy Equinox..

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now Cadillac and Hummer


CTS: new model due for 2007

STS: no changes needed

DTS: no changes needed

BTS: a new entry level FWD sedan, built from the epsilion platform.

SRX: no changes needed

XLR: no changes

ETC: new sigma coupe/convertible

URL: ultra luxury sedan to take on big sedans from Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes


H1: redesign due for 2008, will feature better ergonomics. upgraded engines, and better gas milage

H2: redesign due on GMT900 platform for 08-09

H3: offer a small V6 engine, maybe the 3.9L V6..

H4: built from a modified H3 this would be a two door soft/hardtop hummer. simular in size to the jeep wrangler..

pickup: this would be a hummer version of the new GMT900 pickups.. it would only come as a regular cab, only in four wheel drive, and only with two engine choices the 6.0L V8 and a diesel as an option..

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The attention at Cadillac and Chevy is right. Now, do straight rebadges of Chevys at Pontiac and Buick much the same way Chrysler did for years with Dodge and Plymouth:

1. Give Chevy a version of the Lucerne and call it the Caprice until '10 when Zeta arrives. Caprice becomes a high-level Impala and the Lucerne becomes straight Impala clone when Zeta arrives.

2. Give Chevy a version of the Solstice.

3. Give Pontiac the Pursuit coupe and sedan in US.

4. Make the next G6 sedan/coupe a straight rebadge of the '08 Malibu/Monte Carlo (Epsilon II). Ax the Lacrosse.

5. Ax the Enclave and give it to Chevrolet. PBG dealers get the Acadia.

6. Torrent stays but gets less styling uniquness on the next refresh.

Chevys and Pontiacs and Buicks should look exactly the same except the badges. Money and advertising effort should go to Chevrolet instead.

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Chevys and Pontiacs and Buicks should look exactly the same except the badges.  Money and advertising effort should go to Chevrolet instead.

i really... really hope you were kidding...that is the worst idea ever... cavalier has some good ideas... and there are some more good ideas to fix GM in another forum... i have some ideas too... but before i explain them let me say this... when i say to build a car on the same platform... in no way... does that mean a simple rebadging... im just talking about body mates that look nothing alike (think grand prix/monte carlo) also note that these ideas are only on performance cars... i never came up with good ideas for the rest of the fleet... and cavaliers ideas would work great in that respect anyway

okay first... with the new GTO redesign... priority is to keep the great engineering of the current ones... i understand they dont look great but they get great reviews in handling drive-ability etc... there are rumors of making it a 4 door coupe... like the mazda rx-8... although i do not like this idea... it could open up huge possibilities... such as chevy could release a 4 door coupe chevelle on the same platform... give it a ram aired ls6 with 450ish horse and price it in the mid 30s... bye bye shelby gt500

second... camaro... make a firebird!!! because of the 4 door coupes... the camaro wouldnt compete with chevelle nor would the firebird compete with GTO... put an ls2 in the ss/trans am price in the mid 20s bye bye mustang GT and challenger

third... im sure you've all heard the rumors of the corvette blue devil... supercharged (or turbocharged) ls7 reports put its horsepower anywhere between 600 and 700... it weighs only 2900 lbs... and is rumored to be priced at 100k... this will completely destroy any sales of the ford gt40 and dodge viper GTS-R, as well as hurt sales of many european supercars which are priced 100k higher and have less power...

if they do all this... GM could take over the performance market again and if they follow the advice given by cavalier for the rest of the fleet... they could even establish their dominance of the american market once again

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Terrible. GM Cannot afford any more badge engineering. Also with the current strategy to lump GMC, Pontiac Buick into one dealership umbrella, Cadillac, Saab & Hummer into one outlet, Saturn & Chevy as stand alone they do not want re-badged cars sitting in the same show room.

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You've got some good ideas.

Am I the only one who will miss the ATLAS I6 motor when it is gone?

I think it sucks that after designing such a great inline motor we just

let it fade away... not having even been used to its full capacity. :(

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In the new RWD platform I would use the Atlas motor as a base engine. I was kind of hoping they would do that with the Camaro. Dont know about changing the Impala to RWD. The FWD one is selling so well. Do we really want to mess up a formula that makes money? I say add a RWD Caprice model with the atlas base engine and go up from there.

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1. Enter bankruptcy to renegotiate labor, bondholders and dealer contracts. Have the bankruptcy judge and the President announce publicly, periodically and loudly that 5 GM brands will survive and that all warranty claims will be backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government. As evidenced by CNW Research and Merrill Lynch car buyers will buy a car from a bankrupt carmaker if the government stands behind the warranty: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1229459599...hs&ru=yahoo

2. Sell or discontinue Saab, Saturn and Hummer. Liquidate unprofitable plants and other assets not core.

3. Combine Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac and Buick dealers in major metros and wherever else the market will allow.

4. Start a new franchise called "Goodwrench" that offers certified used cars of all brands as well as service for all makes and models. Offer this franchise to new car GM dealers whose stores are no longer needed first.

5. Cull Pontiac and Buick down to one quintessential product each that defines both brands very clearly. For Pontiac it's the G8 sedan (no Utes or wagons) renamed just "Pontiac 3.6" (or 6.0 or 6.2). Buick gets one cushy traditional full-sized sedan built on Zeta called "Buick Super" (for the V-8) or "Buick Special" (for the V-6). Pontiac and Buick will aim for 20,000 sales of each car both of which would either be built in the Camaro factory or in Oz. Buick continues in China with as many models as Chinese buyers will accept as Buicks.

6. GMC stops selling light duty trucks and focuses entirely on the medium truck business. Chevy stops selling medium duty.

7. Cadillac gets an EpII sedan to replace the LaCrosse and a Lambda to replace the Enclave. Both vehicles target Lexus for comfort buyers while the CTS targets BMW sport buyers. No DTS luxo barge - that's Buick's mission.

8. All vehicles are engineered on a 4-5 year cycle update.

9. All new vehicles will aim for class-leading fuel-economy for at least halfway through the model lifecycle.

10. A culture of profits first, entitlement last, NIH not tolerated.

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