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so square, daddy-o


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I went with mom tonight to drop off her 2005 Cobalt with 20,500 miles, sign papers, and pick up her new leftover 2009 Nissan Cube 1.8 SL, Moss Green with black interior. She leased it for 39 months at $115/month, a heck of a deal. She's been wanting one since they came out, and she was able to get it. It rides pretty nice, quiet, with a lot of features and nice, wide, flat seats. CVT is warranteed for 10 years/120k miles on Nissans, I didn't know dat.

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Congrats to your mom... of course in all honesty I would feel pretty emasculated even riding in one of those. Did not know that Nissan stood behind their CVTs like that though, much better than I would have expected!

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Yes, she traded her Cobalt in. The lease is 12k miles/year, she'll never approach that, based on her Cobalt mileage. I do feel odd riding in it, but it is ideal for her, it is easy to see out of, easy to get in and out of, quiet and comfortable. Plus it has alloys, power windows/locks/mirrors with keyless entry, and automatic climate control, features she has missed from day one on her basic Cobalt. And she has always liked weird cars, she loved her Le Car, for God's sake.

I hope she's happy with it and it gives her nothing but good service. She's already calling it "The Green Runt".

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