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Camino LS6

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It works fairly well, I have a bad back and knees and it usually helps with that, haven't tried in with oral pain before but I think it will help, I would suggest perhaps taking one before bed one night as it will help you sleep well. I wouldn't advise using them if you plan on driving, not until you're accustomed to the way you feel on them.

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Never taken Vicodin...

But when I had my wisdom teeth out the Dr. Rx-ed me Hydrocodone. It didn't work at all. I took 6 of them in a little under 2 hours (ended up in the emergency room because of the pain) I ended up trying Darvocet and it worked great. It eased the pain so much that I was able to sleep. The surgeon said that was actually a good thing because Darvocet is non narcotic and not as addictive.

I'm very hesitant to take pills (even aspirin) I hated every minute of that $h!. Made me feel stupid and sleepy (I actually drooled on myself a little after the 6 pills in 2 hours episode, LOL)I can't, for the life of me, see why anyone would want to 'trip' pain killers.

Not long after my surgery I was involved in my first really bad Focus wreck. Dr. at the ER wanted to give me pain killers. I refused them because I had spent the last month doped up after the surgery and didn't want to "lose another month of my life"

All that said, if the pain gets real bad, take the pills. Feeling stupid and sleepy is much better than agony.

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Who has taken it, and how did it affect you?

I've taken it ... more times than I care to admit.

BUT ... it is good stuff ... and certainly eases the pain. Though, for me, it knocked me out ... and I slept a lot, though that was probably a good thing.


Course, I prefer morphine ;). lol

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