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Summer's coming/here, and inevitably, I have received my annual fyreworks catalog in the mail, despite (& in spite ??) of the disclaimer that NJ & DE residents cannot buy, transport, possess or operate fyreworks without a permit.

Many years ago, a temporary co-worker got me a great grab-bag of fun, and about 4 years ago, a brief-cased sized box of them --that survived a to-the-ground building fire (they were in the walk-in safe)-- likewise provided more fun. I'd really like to get some more, and the catalog is SO enticing. Pyro-Impact, Big Bomb Jumbo Cracker, Red, White & Boom... sigh!

Anyway, there's a few fyrewerks stores in PA, one in Easton.... any of you C&Gers planning on obtaining any? I cannot- I have a NJ DL, and one needs a PA DL in PA. Willing to drive to PA....

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Last year a friend and I bought about $50 worth of fireworks in NH, where it's legal. We decided to launch them in Hamtpon at teh beach and enjoy teh fireworks display. We parked about a mile away from the site, which was in another town next to Hampton. They had shops their too but we figured we had enough.

We walked to the site passing buy security and such no problems. Before/during the display we joined other people and launched a few off at the water, but decided to wait until it had cleared for us to launch the rest. After the rather sub par professional display we started launching them in clear area of the beach. A few minutes later some cops showed up on an ATV and told us it was illegal to launch them. We were like wtf? Why are there shops nearby? He said because it's in the next town where it's legal. I asked why there were NO signs about it being illegal in Hampton? He had no answer, but said we could either be fined $300 or hand them over to him. We asked if we could just take them back with us to where we're parked in the legal town. he said no. Worst 4th of July ever. Damn pigs probably launched the things off themselves letter. :censored:

I want to launch fireworks again this year, but I guess this time we'll have to make sure it's legal in the town we go to in the State where it's supposedly legal.

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I think they are now legal in AZ, which is amazing considering how dry much of this state is. I'll probably just go to the fireworks show downtown again this year, if I'm in town. A few years ago, I had the annual tradition of gathering w/ some friends in a Denver suburb and playing w/ small fireworks in a cul-de-sac before walking to a nearby park on a hill where we could see the large shows from several suburbs. Good times.

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About the only thing legal here are sparklers and snakes, but plenty of illegal fireworks make it up here from Missouri. As soon as you cross the border into MO, there are usually half a dozen fireworks shops waiting to cater to us deprived Iowans.

I was amazed when I was in Montana last summer over the fourth of July...people were shooting them off from strip mall parking lots all over town while we drove through Great Falls. I'd never seen anything like it.

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