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GMC production numbers, where to find official ones?


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Just my luck! But it's awesome that you have the other years covered. I will file that in the back of my head should I need any of those years.

Does anyone else have any leads for me to look into? I've tried Google but the results weren't as factual as I'd like to believe and that I can use.

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Ok thank you, at least that much is more info than I had! What we have is an 84' shortbox, diesel, 4x4, black in color it originally had a blue flake in the paint. I've heard that order combination is super rare... None of my gear head friends have ever heard of another one. Is there any way possible to dig a little deeper into how many there were? I can follow any leads you give. Thanks! But if that's trails end I understand

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Without official specific totals, I can’t imagine how anyone could qualify your truck as ‘really rare’, other than anecdotally. I don’t think you’re going to find tighter numbers, and as far as value goes, I don’t think it’ll be affected one way or another if the number is known. No dis meant, but its an ‘84.

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None taken, thanks for your information. My"rare" classification is what I've deducted from hearing square body enthusiasts talk about how they've not seen or heard of another one. I agree without any solid numbers these really no way of knowing, but hey any information is valuable to me. I couldn't find anything out from anyone else. 

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Super clean- nice!
I drove this a few winters plowing for a buddy, short bed 4x4, tho it was a 350. It was a '91, tho I think that's a different year grille. Short WB worked well plowing, had mileage in the 90's in 2014 with a excellent condition red velour bench. Rust ate it apart tho, I believe it's dead now.

91 GMC plow.png

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20 hours ago, GMCman007 said:

These are the only ones I had in my new phone Drew, thanks for your interest.




Sweet Ride, If you get a chance would love to see the interior and engine. That is a Really nice truck. 

Thank you for posting and sharing with us. :metal:

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Dfelt here are a few interiors, thanks everyone for the comments! It underwent a total restoration about 2 years ago. I just wish I knew a few more details about it's production. It's actually my mother's, the takes it to car shows so I'd like to do up a board for her. Balthazar, I drive a 93' Chevy for work everyday. That thing has been used extremely hard for a 2wd stick and keeps on ticking. It was just in the bad paint years so I have to rattle can it every year.





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Nothing specific.
There were 2 series for '36 at GMC; the T-14 & the T-16L.
T-16L (3/4-ton) was only 1 model, a bare chassis.
T-14 (1/2-ton) was 3 models; the bare chassis, a cab/chassis and a pickup.

• Calendar year registrations for '36 GMC were 26,980.

• However, T-14 serial numbers for '36 ran from T-14-001 to T-14-11251, thusly narrowing '36 T-14 production to 11,251. As T-16L serial volume was 9,750, the remain volume (26,980 - 11,251 - 9,750=) 5,979 must imply heavier series GMCs (1-ton & up). There would also be a slight difference found in model year (serial) vs. calendar year (registration) numbers.

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