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Vehicle: Chevrolet Avalanche (2013)


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Another truck added to the family. I've been pleasantly surprised by the smooth ride on Vancouver's notoriously bad roads. Rear visibility and blindspots are a bit of a pain, but that's alleviated by the backup camera. The interior is 'dated' but well put-together and very comfortable.

It already has ~3,500km's as it's made a journey from a dealership in the central US, through the Canadian Prairies, over the Rockies and onto the Left Coast.

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Beautiful Ride, nice going. So you bought it and took it from the US to Vancouver BC? Is it really that much cheaper to buy vehicles in the US over Canada?

Over a 20K difference for this vehicle. You could put a Fiat 500 in the box and still come out money ahead. With luxury vehicles, the gap is quite sizeable. It narrows when you get to smaller vehicles but it can still be a few thousand. Most insulting, is that a Grand Caravan in the US is $7,000 less than an identical one in Canada. That's a lot of diapers for a young family.

It's not the government or taxes or tariffs. It's pure greed on the part of automakers and they're flipping the bird to NAFTA.

Overall, us hosers are getting the hose. Aside from Ford, all the automakers have the poor dealers sh*t scared about selling to Canadians. Some even lie to their own employees, telling them to say warranties don't apply to Canadians. Many dealers are also threatened with having their licenses revoked.

To do the whole thing correctly, we needed an Amerifriend to wire cash to, and go through the buying process. It was if we were laundering money or contract-killing.

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