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Blu should be happy....

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Nissan has issued a recall for a limited number of 2014 Leaf vehicles.

Some of the hatchbacks may have left the factory without proper welds on the front structural member assembly, compromising the integrity of the vehicle.

The company suggests the defect may not be noticed unless the vehicle is involved in a crash. Engineers believe the missing welds run afoul of federal safety requirements related to occupant crash protection.

The problem appears to be limited to Leaf units that were manufactured at Nissan's Smyrna, Tennessee, plant between February 28 and March 12 of this year.

Owners will be asked to bring in their vehicles for inspection by Nissan service personnel. If any of six spot welds appear to be missing from the structural member, the entire vehicle will be replaced with a new Leaf.

Seems like a little fantasy fulfillment for our small truck loving friend....

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GM did this when Saturn sent out a shipment of auto's with the wrong fluids in place. GM exchanged the auto's and crushed the cars to make sure they did not stay in the market place and give Saturn a bad name. Good move by Nissan.

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Toyota should have done this with the FJ Cruiser in the beginning when they were not holding up to the 4x4 off road capabilities they said the auto could do. They should have taken back the bad ones and replaced them with new ones rather than weld in place structural steel beams in the Unibody system increasing weight. I would not accept this auto back and would want a refund.

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The FJ cruiser shows that Asian engineering is not always better. There are Asian, American, and European cars I love-I get so sick of people saying all American cars are junk, or all German cars are junk, etc.

Toyota and Honda have their fair share of issues, as do Mazda and Nissan. Suburu is actually the best quality Asian car maker IMHO, GM is best in North America, and Mercedes Benz is the best European builder.

I would say while Toyotas are often reliable, their design, handling, and overall feel of their products really leaves something to be desired. BMW seems to be the most issue prone of the Europeans, while Chryco has been lagging behind in the US since before I was born. Back in 57 Chryco had a horrendous lot of problems with the 57 redesign....relatively speaking, they haven't caught up to Ford and GM since the 50's.

....and can you imagine the embarrassment of Toyota if they had to buy back all fo the FJ cruisers after they bought back a blue million Tacomas with frame issues? Time to buy stock in a company that makes car crushing equipment, for sure.

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