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The Trans-Portable radios were '58 & 59 options on Olds, Buick & Pontiac for sure. I have never seen this option available for either Cadillac or Chevrolet, but perhaps it was. I am certain GM never offered a RPO record player, but all ChryCo divisions did: '56 (for sure) thru '60 (off the top of my head). Just saw a gorgeous '56 DeSoto with a 'Highway Hi-Fi' unit this weekend.
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An under-dash record player is great...until you drive over a brick road. Seriously, though, I've heard of the Trans-Portable radio before. Allegedly, it was a fine portable unit, but a mediocre in-dash reciever. It naturally lacked the then-breakthrough SEEK feature found on the Wonderbar radios at the time. Like airbags, Guidestar, and CRT touch-screen displays, its yet another lost Oldsmobile/GM innovation...
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*raises eyebrow*

COOL! Heh...those portable radios look a bit more innovative than some things in cars today....

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