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Another one of the M/T boys. The list would be too long if I were to post the other forums I've been a part of. My vehicles are kind of out there to most car enthusiasts, but nonetheless provide a smile to my face. 


They are:

-06 Volvo V50 T5 AWD 6M (DD)

-96 Ford Ranger I4 RWD 5M (My baby)

-68 Ford F-100 Ranger 351W RWD 3M w/ OD (Why did I ever buy this expensive project)


All are a shade of red.


Anyways, I consider myself a general car guy, that prefers Fords. Ask me anything about a Ranger, I know them in and out. 


I was into car audio back in high school/college, but my interest has waned from it. 


I'm a diesel technician, currently working on medium and heavy-duty trucks. I do have a CDL, so I can test drive said trucks. 


I also like beer and hockey. 




For now, I'll leave you guys with a (rather poor) pic of the trio:



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BOOM. Finally some pics! I take it things are still progressing slow with the F100?

Yeah, but it shouldn't be too much longer until it's on the road. Probably going to head to the salvage yard this weekend to pick up some wheels that aren't rusted to hell. After that some ties and complete fluid flushes and she will be driving.

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Wow, you guys like the '68 more than I do.

LOL! There's a bunch of Old Truck guys here.

That's actually refreshing. Nobody gave a damn about other people's cars over at MT. It was just a bunch of FoMoCo vs. GM vs. FCA trolling. It's funny at first but it's been going on for years. All of us that are moving here are sick of it (and the horrendous software).

But the '68 is one of those "why the hell did I buy this" things. It's been nothing but a money pit and a complete pain in the ass. But I still have it for a reason.

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