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Ultimate Dream Garage: Sub-200HP Edition

Frisky Dingo

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I'm starting a new 'UDG' series that will have consecutive installments. As you can tell, it will be based on that measure of energy we love so much- horsepowerz. BHP. Ponies. Whatever nickname you like to use, it's a metric that has been used pretty much since the inception of the automobile. 

This round we are focusing on the little guys. Though they may not have have cover-worth big power ratings, there are no shortage of cars that are great to drive that have below 200HP. In fact, there are some All-time Greats that fall into this category.


1) Maximum of 5 choices.

2) These are your only vehicles.

3) Production cars only.

4) Any era and market is allowed.

5) Cars must have a MFR rating of UNDER 200 HP. That means it must start with a '1'.






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Just now, Frisky Dingo said:

I will allow this. Edited the original post.

Thanks, because that is going to be car #1....

Car number two will be an original 64 1/2 Mustang Convertible with the 260 V8.

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8 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

There it is! I'm surprised it took that long to get a Fiesta ST and a Miata in there! I thought those two were gimmies.

I would have chosen them but I was trying to make a sort of different list. Two of my favorite current cars.


Mercer Type 35J Raceabout (Chassis 694 - 2005 Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance) High Resolution Image

Mercer Raceabout, Type 35, 55 Horsepower. Think of it as a very expensive, underwired, and primitive Miata. Circa 1914 or so. Car #3.

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4 minutes ago, Frisky Dingo said:

Why TF is the Forum not taking so many pictures?!?!

I have no idea, but I am stealing the E30M3 and the Lotus as my final two picks.

Mustang, Split Window VW, E30 M3, Mercer, and Lotus...a nice little collection I think.

5 minutes ago, Frisky Dingo said:

Why TF is the Forum not taking so many pictures?!?!


The 507 narrowly beat out the Toyota 2000GT for me. Mainly because it's a convertible. I may switch out the 328d.

With the Toyota 2000GT I actually like the BRZ better and I have included it on other lists.

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Well I wanted a Canyon but to be honest I just wanted to find something different. The Hilux is super ugly compared to the Tacoma we get here otherwise the diesel version of that would have been a no-brainer because I love how it looks.

The X3 was just kind of the daily/larger vehicle used for any form of people or "things" hauling.

I'd LOVE a GTD! Such a cool concept, performance oriented diesel car. Way cool to me.

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