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2017 GMC Denali Purchase


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Well I was looking at GMC and then I was all ready for a Colorado ZR2.

Well I tried to order the Chevy and ran into many hurdles. Most were incompetent dealers with no clue, some were greedy dealers and then you had the honest dealers who already ordered in a color I did not want.

i got tied of the lies at one and the incompetence at the others and started looking at GMC again.

in  a way Idid benefit by the grief. I changed from the extended cab to the crew. Then I went to look at the SLT package and found what may have been one of the few discounted Denali truck around and in Red as I wanted.

i went to drive the Denali and it was much the same but still different than the others I drove.

So far I have found the ride is a little better. The road noise more quiet and the interior just a little nicer.

For the most the Denali package is not a bargain as they just give some chrome for a decent mark up. In my case they marked mine down and I got it for $4k less than sticker and about the same price as the SLT with similar options less the Denali only options.

There are no incentives so a deal on the mid size trucks are rare and near impossible on the crew short beds. Long beds rot on the lot and tend to be the ones to get a GM program tag.

I love the truck and really only have wanted for more bolster on the seats.

The new V6 is much improved in refinement along with the 8 speed.

i had considered the full size as it was close in price with massive discounts but I really did not want the larger truck.

i will get some photos but what I bought was a Quartz Red tintcoat crew cab 4 wheel drive Denali.it only had one added option in the trailer package as the rest was standard.

it has the Denali only options like heated wheel, vented seats and 20" wheels. Oh yes more chrome and leather.

the GMC also has a little nicer interior is in most versions with padded dash and armrest with leather and some kind of fake wood.

I told my wife this is like an ATS Awd with a bed.

I have been shopping trucks here in Ohio and San Diego for a family member. Here in Ohio most dealers have a couple trucks but in San Deigo they have 25 or more. 80% are white for some reason?

So far I feel I have made the right choice. I rejected the last gen Canyon as they were so cheap. I tried to like them but just could not buy one to replace my beloved Sonoma ZQ8.

the new Canyon Denali is light years over any if my past trucks.

i like how over time GMC is becoming more and more different. 

The Denali has transformed GMC's image since it arrived 20 years ago. GMC now make more money than any non luxury division. If they were put on the Fortune 500 list they would list at 150. I expect GM will continue their advance and it us the same Formula Cadillac needs to follow in building a new image.

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I will try to get some photo's.

I have already experienced the Denali Effect as I have termed it. What is the Denali Effect? 

Well it is that deal where you tell someone you bought a truck and they respond oh you are making the big money or other status reference. It is much how it was like years ago when Cadillac used to stir the opinion of the owners status years ago. I find this interesting. 

To me Denali meant you payed too much unless it was discounted LOL! 

But now that I have experienced this and see it first hand it is exactly what Cadillac needs to earn for their image again.  They need to bring value to the name in the status of the owner. While I just bought it because I liked the truck and got a good deal most Denali owners are people who like the image their vehicle projects on them. They will pay the extra money to get that image. 

As for GMC it was not a short path. Denali has been with us for 20 years and with bankruptcy and other issues it was slow growth. But the image has taken root with the public and over 25% of all GMC models are now sold as a Denali. 

This also has made GMC so very profitable. How much? Well I read the other day if GMC was independent and in the Fortune 500 they would rank 150 in income. For a premium non luxury brand that is good. In fact GMC is listed as the most profitable brand that is not a luxury brand. 

GM needs to do the same for Cadillac but doing so is like having a hit song and then say OK I am going to write another hit song. Easy to say not always as easy to do. 

Also I noted the time it took for GMC to cash in here. Much of this accelerated since the bankruptcy and it will take Cadillac time to do the same. I do not expect 120 years but 10 years is expected. 

There is a lot of value in the public domain when you say Denali anymore. I knew it held some value but in the last few days I really have seen how people react of all demographics.

After reading up on this and how profitable GMC is I laugh at all those who said that it should have been killed with the others. Be careful for what you wish for. 


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