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Memorial Day Dream Garage


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Lets do something related to the Memorial Day.  

List your ONE favorite piece of military equipment (doesn't matter which, starting from trucks/cars to battleships) from each major armed conflict listed below:

1. First World War

2. Second World War

3. Korean War

4. Vietnam War

5. Gulf War (First )

6. Iraq/Afghanistan War


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Im doing all airplanes.



1. WW1

Fokker Dr.1 (yes yes that one!)



2. WW2

Focke Wulf FW 190 A-9

Pictured is a captured FW 190 A-8. 



3. Korean War

I dont particularly like or care about the Korean War aircraft. I dont like the fighter jets and bombers in this era of warfare being the early 1950s. During the beginning of this war, propeller aircraft were still being used especially warmed over WW2 planes with warmed over improvements to that technology. Jets, although were first introduced during the tail end of WW2, they were still in its infancy.

OK....a MiG 15 and F-86 Sabre were battling it out and were the zenith and cutting edge of jet fighter technology during this war and were eons ahead of P-51D Mustangs that were also present in this war and the Messerschmidt  ME262 which was credited to be the first JET FIGHTER during WW2...the thing is...I DONT LIKE THE MiG 15 and F-86.  In fact, I HATE THEM!!!  The real interesting jets came to life after the Korean War, in the 1960s...from all countries including France...

So Im gonna post a prototype jet from Canada that flew just right after the Korean War ended.

The Avro Arrow


And if prototypes arent allowed...Ill go with a French Jet that first flew in the 1950s and went officially into service in 1961.

Dassault Mirage III E



4. Viet Nam

F4J Phantom II



5. Gulf War #1

In this era...

I got 2 favorites...no buts, ifs or ands! THIS IS HOW ITS GONNA BE!!!

The F16 and the MiG 29  (There are sooooooo many variants to these that Ive lost track to which specific trim is my favorite)





6. Iraq/Afghanistan War

I dont think the F22 saw action in this war...but we are gonna move forward into the next generation of fighters. So the F22 Raptor gets the nod in this one!







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1. WW1  

US was behind everybody else in military technology so they mostly used foreign stuff.  One of the best planes of WW1, French SPAD XIII


2. WW2

I will break my rule and choose two

P51 Mustang


M18 Hellcat


3. Korean War

F-86 Sabre


4. Vietnam War

Bell UH-1 Huey


5. Gulf War

AH-64 Apache


6. Iraq/Afghanistan

Oshkosh M-ATV


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WW2 aircraft are simply gorgeous and awesome machines. Its hard to EXCLUDE the Spitfire, the Mustang, the BF109,  the Zero. And those are the stereotypical fighters of WW2. There are many others!

As far as WW2 tanks go, the Tiger I and the T-34 are  EQUALLY my favorites!

I LOVE the Huey helicopter. Easily my #2 aircraft for the Vietnam war era.



To me, they are like cars, its just impossible to just pick 1.

Ive excluded the F-15 Eagle, The Mustang, the Spitfire the P-40, the MiG 25/31, the Mirage 2000, the Rafale, the BF109, the B-17, the Hercules, the C47 Skytrain(DC-3)and many many others and it hurts!!!




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27 minutes ago, ykX said:

@oldshurst442 absolutely!

However, since the Memorial Day is in memory of US servicemen I tried to pick equipment only used by US military

HA! HA! HA! (laughing with sincerity and affection)

I did not make that correlation! I am Canadian after all!

But sure!

Love and respect brother!






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WW1- Loening M-8

I must confess to picking this one based on looks alone. Just check out that exposed Hispano-Suiza V8!!




WW2- Panzer Tank

One of the most fearsome tanks of the war, and a pretty one at that.




Korean War- F-86 Sabre

Another significant and successful player in it's respective conflict, the F-86 was our first swept wing fighter, and painfully pretty. Always had a soft spot for this one.




Vietnam War- F-4 Phantom 

The only fighter/attack platform to serve all 3 branches. The only aircraft to be both a Blue Angel and Thunderbird. A juggernaut in the skies over Vietnam. A plane that could do it all. My favorite aircraft and piece of military equipment ever.








Gulf War- B-52 Stratofortress

Besides the fact that I worked on them, they were an integral component of the US Forces' overwhelming success in the Gulf War. B-52's destroyed hundreds of radar sites, communication sites, equipment, transportation routes, and their supporting infrastructure with cruise missiles. They also took part in mass conventional bombing that was so demoralizing to the enemy they would surrender upon sight of one loitering in their vicinity.

This was my squadron- 5 MXS, 5 BW- flagship, aircraft # 0005-




Iraq/Afghan War- A-10 Warthog

The greatest fixed-wing CAS platform to ever fly, nothing blows up and shreds tanks, vehicles, enemy soft points, personnel and equipment quite like these things. I've had the pleasure of seeing one do strafing runs out on a range, and it was nothing short of awesome.


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2 hours ago, Frisky Dingo said:

This was my squadron- 5 MXS, 5 BW- flagship, aircraft # 0005-


Id up vote this pic 1000 times if I could!

For the fact that it was YOUR SQUADRON! 

Also....I LOVE how you gave a description of all your choices and how your chosen machines DOMINATED, DESTROYED and DECIMATED their respective enemies! (yes....even for the Tiger II tank which decimated our allied forces) and Id up vote you another 1000 times just for the descriptions!

I coudnt bring myself to post a pic of a Luftwaffe FW 190 especially one with a Swastika on its tail wing but the Nazi war machine did have some awesome weaponry!  As I grow older, I see myself more and more incapable of "flaunting" Nazi paraphernalia...


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