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Ultimate Dream Garage: 12 Cylinder Edition

Frisky Dingo

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Alright, we have reached the pinnacle of engines in terms of how many cylinders are stuffed in a block in widely produced cars. Although this has primarily been the stomping grounds of European brands in late years, there WERE other brands than made V12's. Cadillac, Lincoln, and Toyota among them.

The rules are the usual and as follows-

1) Production cars only

2) Any era and market is allowed.

3) These are your only vehicles.

4) Cars must have 12 cylinders, obviously. NO HYBRIDS!!

5) You have 5 choices. After creating a top 5 list, you may expand it to 10. 



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For me then that means the following is all I would be interested in:

Cadillac had a V12 from '31-37

Lincoln had a V12 from '32-48

1932 V12 Custom Auburn

GMC Cab Over V12 from 60-65


Mack RS700L V12 Detroit Diesel


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Going with all-European as I couldn't think of any American car V12s in the last 50 years.

English: (both in shades of green)

         Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

         Jaguar E-Type V12


         BMW M760Li

        Mercedes CL600 (love this roofline)

Italian:  (albeit a flat 12)

         1985 Ferrari Testarossa  (Because I still love the Big 80s)






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The first 5.  The first 2 are Aston Martins....you cant have too many of these British cars....as with sex and money....all these go hand and hand.

1. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Zagato



2.                                                     Aston Martin DB11



3. Speaking of sex. Any Ferrari and women just drop their panties for you....like almost immediately after meeting and greeting you.

When I was looking to post my Ferrari pic...I came across this pic...I FOUND IT TO BE PERFECT!!!




Before you go further, try and guess what it is!


The vid down below features it!











4.  2017 M-B S600 Brabus 900



5.  Rolls Royce Dawn



The next 5

6. Jaguar ΧJS Convertible



The next three cars are not what I usually choose...but hey...V12 yo!

7.  Ferrari LaFerrari



8. Lamborghini Reventon. I could have with an Aventador which looks about the same and its on a newer platform, but the Reventon is way way way rare.



9. Im surprised Im actually choosing this one, but it is a handsome car that I always did like to be honest!




10.    Hey...I need another 1980s V12 icon in video format to show you folk


Like the poster!!!


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27 minutes ago, Frisky Dingo said:

LaFerrari is a hybrid, so not allowed.


But don't worry, a thread is coming that will allow it.

HYBRID!!!! (said like Seinfeld's Newman's reaction)


Damn...I forgot!

OK...so Ill have to steal one of yours....and its not as if I dont have any Aston Martins in my collection....

Traded straight up red for red!





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