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2017 Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet concept


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Strongly evoking Buick up front in the grille, and the Cadillac Escala in the lighting, Mercedes has revealed a striking concept 2-place convertible, to debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this weekend. The claim is 4 electric motors rated at 750 HP, and it rides on 24-in rims.

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Personal opinion- tho of course it won't be produced, it IS quite imposing. It's like a modern day interpretation of the '58 Argonaut Smoke; an immense 2-pass convert.
THIS is the sort of thing a brand does to stand out & make a name for itself; THIS say luxury like any s-class coupe or SL convert could never hope to. Years ago I used to draw cars with proportions like this. The GM-cribbed cues work, and although the drooping butt/long deck likely appears 'dated' to some, I'd give this exterior a 10/10.

But, like I said- it'll never be produced. What a shame.



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Only way it could get built is if the electric architecture is really scalable and the battery and motor placement allow for just about any body shape imaginable to sit on top of it.  But it could be 2025 before things get to that point, Mercedes wants to do an AMG hypercar that is electric around 2025, I suppose they could use the same powertrain on a big convertible.   I still doubt they make anything like this or the coupe.   Bu you never know, they made the Maybach Landaulet.

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