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We are getting closer to the next-gen Charger ... AND?


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E- Muscle is the future and plenty of people will take it when it comes. I see no reason for these name plates to die in the future unless Dodge decides to NOT build E-Muscle and stick with V8s that most people will not be able to afford.

AWD Electric Burn outs :metal:

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The 2022 Dodge Charger site is up.  The changes are absolutely minimal.  That's a "bad" sign.

Pricing is up a little.  I think there was a price bump in 2021.  Depending on which sticker you see on a 2021 car in stock, it might have a base price of $ 29.9 K or $ 31 K, before destination charges.  (I'm thinking ... it's a helluva lot more car than a Malibu, for not even $ 5 K more.)

I noticed a few other things:

1.  They are still offering 13 colors.  Last year, very few were extra cost options.  Now, most of them are extra cost.  However, the upcharge is a paltry $ 95.  Carried over are an interesting blue called "Frostbite" and a weird burgundy called "Hellraisin," among others. 

When you pull up foreign cars you want to "build," they pick the "free" color for you.  And it won't be white, silver, or black.  It might be orange, red, or a nasty blue.  To get a normal color, the upcharge can be 500 Euro(s) or so.

2.  I was looking at a sticker of a Charger in stock.  And I liked what I saw.  We know the car is built out at the Brampton (ON) Canada plant.  Their very proven Pentastar V6 is sourced in the U.S.  But their Torque Flite 8 speed automatic transmission is built in Germany! 

When your powertrain is made of U.S.-German products, that's a good thing, I suppose.

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