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Subaru News: "SOLTERRA" SUBARU First All-Electric SUV


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SOLTERRA, SUBARU's all-new, all-electric C-segment-class CUV is the first Subaru built on the all new battery electric vehicle (BEV) dedicated e-Subaru Global Platform jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corporation. The SOLTERRA will go on sale globally in 2022 with a focus in Japan, China, Europe, Canada and the US.


e-Subaru's Global Platform is a combination of Toyota's and Subaru's strengths in creating an AWD platform that allows the mix and match of the front segment, center and rear allowing a wide mix of FWD, RWD and AWD configurations in an optimized roomy platform with superior passive safety and vehicle stability.

Per Subaru's press release the BEV name SOLTERRA was created by joining the word SOL, Latin for Sun and TERRA, Latin for Earth. This name was chosen to further advance Subaru's appreciation for mother nature and the over all planet we need to coexist with. This Subaru believes delivers on the commitment to their customers on a go-anywhere capable BEV.

To learn more go to the following web site: Solterra EV – An All-Electric SUV | Subaru

Press Release


Source links

SUBARU Names New All-Electric SUV “SOLTERRA” | NewsRelease | Subaru Corporation

Subaru U.S. Media Center

Subaru U.S. Media Center

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UPDATE on Subaru's first BEV the Solterra. Full details can always be found at the Solterra page, but here are the updated released images: Solterra EV – An All-Electric SUV | Subaru

Available Mid 2022




Interior is interesting


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