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Future Collectibles


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I think at this point almost everyone agrees that EVs are coming and eventually replacing ICE vehicles.  I think the only big argument left is the timeline.

So the question is: 

Which today's automobiles do you think will be future collectibles?

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Great question, I think we for sure can say certain versions of Mustang, GT,  Camaro and Corvette for sure, which models will be a solid debate question.

Since cars have pretty much died off, I wonder if any of the more generic 4 door cars will even be considered collectibles.

I wonder how people feel about Trucks and SUV/CUV options. Will Ford Raptor and Chevrolet RS versions of trucks/SUV's be collectible? If so what specific versions does folks think?

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I think it's fairly obvious that many limited / special / high end vehicles will have some collectibility. I believe the obsolete nature of many of their electronic systems will severely limit that vs. vintage autos, tho.

My question is; will any BE vehicles today ever become appreciating collectibles?

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One of the things that I think will make some cars collectibles is manual transmission.  I think EVs will most likely completely kill off manual transmissions (very regretfully) and cars with good one will be desirable for future collectors.

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I think most of these are pretty obvious , like mentioned above. Mustang GTs, Camaro SS's(GT500/350,  ZL1/1LE), Corvettes. I think it was already an instant classic but the 911R as well, I believe the Cayman GT4 4.0 with or without a manual transmission, TRD Pro Tacomas/4Runners, ZR2 Colorados. 

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Do you guys think that named above cars will become collectibles sooner?

What I mean cars from 70s are 50 years old now.  I don't think there are a lot of collectible cars from 80s (besides exotics).

How long will it take from some of the todays cars to become collectible?

I would think it should happen sooner if EVs truly will replace ICE vehicles in the next 10-15 years. 

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I think they'll become collectable when the EV market hits like 1/3 of new car sales and growing ooooor whenever certain automakers stopp making those vehicles, whichever comes first. I'm not sure if they would actually sell over their initial MSRP that quickly, but I would be people with money would be willing to spend whatever for their manual, supercharged V8.

I also forgot a very obvious one, Hellcats. 

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V Series Cadillacs were not mentioned.  Maybe the ones equipped with a manual transmission would be collectible.  Maybe it doesnt matter what transmission a V Series Cadillac has...but these have got the potential to be valuable.  

In my honest opinion, other than the very exotic supercars and the super hot cars like the Hellcats and the one off Camaro and Mustang, and the occasional AMG Mercedes and M badged BMW might be collectible.  Maybe an Audi V10 and Viper could be collectible, but other than those, I dont think cars after the 1990s have the potential to be collectible NOT because of the cars themselves, but of the people.

Lets be honest, car guys and gals have been on a serious decline. The ones that are left are getting at the age where they are starting their childhood collections now.  And those are the guys and gals that grew up as young kids and teenagers in the 1990s and played Playstation Gran Turismo video games and watched the Fast and Furious movie franchise.  And the cars that were part of THAT culture are starting to become classics now. The Acura Integras, the Skylines, the Mark IV Supras, the Nissan 300 TTV6 and the like...and THOSE cars are from the 1990s.

Very few 2000s cars are gonna be collectible.  In the 1980s, you just knew that the muscle cars of the 1960s were gonna be collectible. They made a few movies that starred 1960s muscle.  Gone in 60 Seconds comes to mind. 

We are in 2021. 20 years ago, Fast and Furious came out. Hence the Skylines, and Supras being collectible to a point today.  Even the Buick Grand National Buick got a boost and is more sought after because of that movie franchise.  

But we dont hear too much about 1980s cars being sought after today.  

Well, the cars that came after the 2000s, there really is nothing that really grabs the attention that young kids and teenagers will want to re-live their young years when they will become 40 and 50 and 60 in a decade and two from now.   

V Series Cadillacs?  Maybe.

Vipers?  Maybe.

One off Camaros and Mustangs?  Maybe.     Do you see a Transformers Edition Camaro being a lustful car in a decade from now?  I dont.  Not even a mid 2010s Bullitt Mustang as THAT pop culture icon was for the Boomers. Not so much for a Millennial or Gen Z to collect a mid 2010 Bullit verison. Boomers in a decade from now will be in an age bracket that does not facilitate car collecting.   Possibly a GT500 of any 2000s vintage and maybe the GT350 and the Camaro ZL1 has the potential to be a collectible.

AMG Mercedes and M Badged BMWs and the Audi R10 V10 have the potential. 

1st gen Miatas are at an age where if they would be collectible, their prices would start to go up and we would have some sort of buzz surrounding them, but alas, nothing. Therefore, these newer ones will not be special either.

Dont laugh. Maybe Priuses...  These have that weird factor that sometimes is necessary to be collectible cars.  Ditto for a Kia Soul and Nissan Cube.  Because it seems, todays youthful kids, dont seem to get excited for cars, and ther oddball Prius, Cube and Soul just might do if for them 20-30 years from now, but I doubt that as today's cars, since the 2000s, we treat cars as disposable appliances and hence why almost no cars from this era will be collectible, because today, we dont value them at all.  We dont see these very same cars as exciting, so why would we value them in the future?  We dispose of them today for something newer and shinier, we will just continue that trend in the future because we dont have any fond memoires for them now and we wont have any nostalgia for them them later. 



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I see low mileage 2015-2016 Chevy SS already going for mid-50k


On the other hand Pontiacs G8 are dirt cheap now.

Cadillac V-series at least for now hold their value very well

2016 Shelby GT350 is selling for the same money when it was new

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Surprising as I have not checked like forever, but I would say collectible is the limited yearly run of the Chevrolet Trailblazer SS in AWD and RWD models. When I bought my 2008 SS as a CPO I paid with tax and title $24,000. I am seeing on Autotrader that they are still in that area depending on condition and miles.


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