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35 minutes ago, 2QuickZ's said:

   I am a bit disappointed with some missing features on this "loaded" truck that I hope GM addresses on the next iteration.  Call me spoiled but I haven't had a car that required me to get my keys out of my pocket for close to 10 years.  They have all been proximity keyless entry and push button start.  Now I have to lock/unlock with a FOB and use a key to start it.  First world, problems, I know!  There is no garage door opener, no blind spot monitoring and no memory seating.  All of those are features I would expect on a top trim vehicle these days.  I don't particularly love the old school, dim incandescent interior lighting either.

Sharp...sounds pretty stripped down for a Denali trim, though.    

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We have almost 800 miles on the truck already!  Was trying hard to get it through the 500 mile break-in period before leaving for our trip but fell a bit short.  Here are my initial driving impressions after our couple hundred mile round trip camping adventure last weekend:

As expected, it pulled our 2100 lb popup camper like a champ.  It even got decent gas mileage doing it.  It came in at around 17 mpg with 75% to 25% split between 2 lane 55 mph highway and 70 mph Interstate on the way out due to being diverted by construction traffic combined with 95% interstate driving on the way back.  It is also averaging around 17.5 mpg around town since we got back.  I expect the mileage to get even better as I get even more miles on it.  I'm not sure if these had stop/start prior to the chip shortage and it got removed or if they never had it but after our last two new vehicles having it, it seems almost odd and wasteful to not have it.  I didn't necessarily like the feature at first but once I got used to it, it didn't bother me.

While my complaints of missing features mentioned in the first post are still valid, I like the interior more than I initially thought I would.  I am very happy with my choice of cocoa/dark atmosphere over black.  I think it looks quite nice.  The seats were also more comfortable than I initially thought they were going to be.  So far all the features I have used have been pretty intuitive and have worked as expected with the exception of the trailer brake and I am pretty sure that is due to them being out of adjustment on the camper, not due to a problem with the truck.  I've never used them before and I doubt the first owner of the camper did either since they were towing it with an Escape.

One more minor annoyance that I noticed on the trip: the HVAC blower makes more noise than I would expect at just a medium fan speed.  And it isn't a wind noise but more of a weird, almost whistle sound.  Not sure if that is something specific to my truck or common on all of these.

Overall, the build quality seems pretty good.  The dealership had to fix the front fascia that was not installed correctly (they did this before I took delivery) but everything else seems fine.  These trucks were initially built with missing parts due to the chip shortage so I wonder if they had to remove the fascia to install something prior to shipment and didn't get it reinstalled correctly.

Lastly, I did buy some GM accessories so I guess I can comment on those.  I bought the front and rear floor liners.  The quality seems good and the fronts fit very well but the rears don't fit quite as well.  The fronts definitely fit better than the WeatherTech liners my Dad bought for his Terrain.  I also bought the tri-fold tonneau cover.  It seems to fit quite well and everything stayed dry in a serious downpour the other day.  It was easy to install and is easy to unclamp and fold.  No complaints.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about the truck I can answer!

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