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  2. Cadillac News: Spying: 2019 Cadillac XT4 Discovers Physical Buttons!

    Good point. Since the article doesn't have the spy photos of the XT4 dash, I wonder is the XT4 dash has different styling cues than current models ( I assume that is the XT5 or another current model in the pic).
  3. I thought he was referring to the physical "dash".
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    I would so give my eye teeth for those trucks.
  5. Cadillac News: Spying: 2019 Cadillac XT4 Discovers Physical Buttons!

    Can't let the XT5 have a lesser version of CuE than the XT4...I'd assume they will roll out the new version of the infotainment system with MCEs or NG refreshes across the line quickly.
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    Here's your Chevrolet sport truck, the 800HP Silverado Yenko SC :
  7. ^ Why would Cadillac "have to"?
  8. Today
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    Nice Read on the ZR2 Pickup from Chevy. http://www.thedrive.com/new-cars/18677/2018-chevrolet-colorado-zr2-review-in-vermont-tonka-truck-for-big-kids-gets-the-green-mountain-test Learned allot about the truck and the benefits it has over the Raptor. White house seems to like the Oregon / Washington way of a miles tax rather than a fuel tax. http://www.thedrive.com/news/18705/white-house-praises-per-mile-vehicle-taxes-for-infrastructure-funding
  10. ^ No one can argue with those numbers! Yes, yes it was designed for public roads : it's street legal.
  11. They might have to bring that dash into the XT5; only problem is that change might come with an MCE in 2020 or so.
  12. Random Thoughts Thread

    ...and the resale on both keeps tanking...
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    True, but you wouldn't know it by the hype on facebook! Though I have to say the deals on sedans right now are making me rethink an CUV (Escape, Nox) . And thhe deals on the malibu and fusion keep getting better....
  14. Random Thoughts Thread

  15. Looks like this Ferrari has more than enough torque--look at the numbers.. 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds 0-124 mph in 7.6 seconds
  16. Random Thoughts Thread

    US CUV/SUV sales still seem pretty strong..I see a lot of Jeeps, lots of GM models from Equinoxes to Tahoes/Burbans/etc around...plenty of Fords also. Was the same way in AZ--saw a lot of domestic CUVs/SUVs amidst a lot of import brands..
  17. Random Thoughts Thread

    Weird as I see plenty of domestic CUV/SUVs with EV versions.
  18. Your missing the point, you get the shove at higher gears at higher speeds, it is NOT about starting from zero. Torque gives you that push at higher gears and speed if the motor is built to support torque through the whole rpm band. Too many of the High Revving DOHC engines spin and produce HP but no Torque and as such you get minimal performance boost. HP helps maintain that high speed but to accelerate fast, you need more torque.
  19. Very Cool, I like that it has the Escalade type rear tail lights and the front, over all not bad. The dash from what is visible is exciting to see the change, hopefully it will get rolled out sooner rather than later into all products as they refresh the dash.
  20. Random Thoughts Thread

    Only a small minority of kids are doing this...it is just an odd fad. And yes, I think we are in for some rough times in the auto industry. I wonder how SUV sales will go in terms of imports-I see fewer and fewer domestic SUV's on the road all of the time it seems.
  21. Yeah, I would wage good money most people buying this car will be trailering it to and from the track. Just because it will be driven on public roads doesn't mean it was designed for public roads. Yeah, I brought up pushrods as they're the only thing comparable to the low end tq that dfelt was referring to. I didn't bring up 70's Pontiacs as they're irrelevant to the discussion. YUP. You better be buying The General so you can have your low end tq for the race tracks!
  22. Basically what I got from the discussion that everyone who buys a Ferrari is a sucker and they all have to buy a Camaro. Right ...
  23. Random Thoughts Thread

    Sadly, it's going to be a mess over there. I just hope I do not see much in layoffs, since I have many friends who work there. Sucky part is that it is going to mean mean we are going to lose some cool stuff at Ford... Two words sum it up- Tide Pods Scary part is I almost can't blame the kids anymore......
  24. Random Thoughts Thread

    Obviously interested by the news of the weird today...
  25. Random Thoughts Thread

    Strange days we live in.. a rise in mass ignorance and stupidity in an era of great technological and scientific advancement...
  26. Random Thoughts Thread

    On a more serious note, good read on how scientists try to visualize prehistoric life... https://www.lrb.co.uk/v40/n04/francis-gooding/feathered-furred-or-coloured Good Vox article on why coal is in permanent decline. https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2017/10/19/16494472/trump-coal-futile
  27. Cadillac's infotainment system has been the bane of automotive writers and owners. CUE has been described as being d https://t.co/1bgHAl3goE

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