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  1. The Design team must have been stoned when they came up with this!
  2. dfelt

    Porsche News: Porsche's Powertrain Head is Arrested

    I would love to see the english translated version of the staff memo they mention but do not quote about why the police are wrong on the powertrain head. Very interesting to see how this affects them. In regards to the picture above, I have to say for a Porsche, the blue is a nice color, but I hate that black plastic piece around the tailpipe area.
  3. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    So your saying the merge is gonna give us Total Recall like EV's? LOL
  4. You just wish, as a person that can buy anything I want, I spend far more time in auto's than most and my review and feeling on turbo 4's as well as other newer auto's is what it is. If I hate something, I will say it, BIASED is saying you know how another is thinking and should feel about newer auto's. Your not me and my impression of driving and using new auto's is my impression compared to the various other auto's I own. Enjoy your Turbo 4's. I will wait for superior EV auto's than spend my coin on another ICE auto that really does not have enough quality gains to justify it's price.
  5. I respect what you are saying, I have to go based on my own experience of driving these auto's and so far my personal experience is what it is.
  6. I will say that right now, the comfort in the latest Escalade seats does not compare to my 2006 Escalade ESV Platinum. Thin seats are questionable for comfort. Road noise, tires play a big part and I understand the chart you posted for Sound DB, but having new Escalades to drive when I get service, it is really hard to justify spending another 100K on an SUV where the seats are not that comfy and noise level is not really any different.
  7. Nope for local driving she loves the Trailblazer SS and for Road trips, you cannot get more comfortable and quiet than an Escalade.
  8. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I agree that while I am not a fan of hood ornaments, I do love a good quality hood medallion. I hope they do make a come back, but I have to wonder if they will due to EV auto's. Course it could be set into the hood so it flows smoothly. A quality Hood Medallion would be awesome to have.
  9. One, the wife likes things silent, so noises that irritate her end up being taken out on me the husband. Put yourself in my shoes, the turbo noises wear on you then when the wife is not happy. For me, I like a tuned tail pipe, but many of the Turbo engines are noisy and that does when you like to go for long drives becomes very wearing on you. As much as I love cadillacs, the ATS Turbo 4 loaner I had from them when they serviced my SS I took for a long drive and while it handles really well and on a fun windy road you get great performance, the noise from the engine tends to drone and becoming tiring. Just like some people are sensitive to 60 Hz fluorescent light flicker, I hear all the noises in an auto. Some I like others, just wear on you. Turbo's are one that wear on me.
  10. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    @ocnblu Here is a low cost SUV option for you.
  11. Tesla Model 3 Tear Down! Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates is an engineer who specializes in digging into the details of products. He especially is focused on EVs to make sure they are safe, well built and more. The video's below are very interesting to watch, especially the Teardown one where he clearly says some parts are garbage, some are competitive parts and some are worthy of Government required quality built for long life. The guy seems to know his stuff and it is worth time if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of how a Tesla 3 is built to watch. The Teardown of the model 3 video details: SPECIAL GUEST: Sandy Munro, Munro & Associates, Inc. NEWS: 03:00 - Tesla Model 3 Teardown Analysis 14:55 - The Good Stuff: Model 3 Automatic Drive Modules 26:46 - Are the pieces good? Door Panels, Exterior, etc. 29:00 - Model 3 Battery: Intricate Magic 42:55 - Doctor Data 44:55 - Mechanics of the Model 3 1:11:10 - PHONE CALL: Automation Issues 1:14:29 - PHONE CALL: Model 3 Build Quality 1:18:30 - Johan de Nysschen out at Cadillac PANEL: - John McElroy, Autoline.tv - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production - Craig Cole, AutoGuide.com Videos are from http://www.autoline.tv/ UPDATE: I missed this the first time I watched it, Sandy Munro was paid to do a Disassemble Benchmark study for another company.
  12. Considering this was out if memory serves me right before the Turbo V6 was available, I would not be surprised to see a turbo show up in the XT5 for the new model year.
  13. Driven them in fords, Chevy, Cadillac. The only turbo 4 that I like and seems to do well is the Buick Envision. Even then, if I could I would still take an NA V6 over it in the Buick too. I will also say that in thinking on this, I am not a fan of the excessive carbon soot you see out of the tail pipes on Turbos compared to NA engines.
  14. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Very cool how well these handle in the snow.
  15. dfelt

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Seems Mercedes-Benz Maybach SUV photo's leaked in China and while some in China are saying Daring and beautiful, I have to say GROSS! https://jalopnik.com/the-vision-mercedes-maybach-ultimate-luxury-suv-is-way-1825413827

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