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  1. Reality, reality, India has some of the worst pollution right behind China and India has already given some strict mandates as like China they are pushing an EV agenda. So yest, I see this country changing faster than others to EV's as currently they use allot of 2 stroke dirty motor mopeds and cars. Reality, having been there, it is bad to breath in the cities especially.
  2. Wish I could put two emojis on this as the first would be laughing at the womans computer. The rest is straight up awesome cause even Nasa woman were some of the first programmers over guys. Very cool.
  3. Trailblazer SS and Escalade is Mobil 1 and I follow the % of the meter on the car. My daughters Durango is old school traditional 3500 mile oil changes.
  4. That is very cool for a custom engine compared to production line power trains. It would be cool if they did build a limited run on a corvette or Camaro as I think you could find a few 100 customers that would be happy with a blown GM 8.0L V8
  5. Agree, worse thing they ever did was allow speculation on oil.
  6. Right now the only way either company will survive is when they are bought out with cash that makes the legacy families money they can then walk away from. They have no real interest in making a profitable company or quality as all you have to do is look at their current financial mess. Chinese ownership is the future for them.
  7. Pass on all those Brawwwwppppp V8 Fart Can upgrades on 4 bangers. Give me some real tuned V8 power. After all, if your gonna make some noise, then have the performance to back it up.
  8. For me, rewatching Charmed, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and amazing to see how we improved over the years with CGI and how things are processed. Watch "Lost in Space", excited for season 2, excited for the new season of "The 100", have tried many different shows, some have been good but are now canceled. Guess I am not much of a tv watching as I would rather go to the gym and work out than sit around in front of the TV. I do love Cheers and Gears, one of the more emotional investments I have made in a long time. While lacking some female perspective and character, it is very emotional with all the various characters on the show!
  9. Anything would be better than the current one. Mor power please.
  10. It really is too funny how our marketing has changed from the 70's / 80's to now. Searching shows just how sexist it was. Old Video Game Ads Just a few of the ads that I found for games I played and starting off with one of my early computers I had.
  11. Pass The coupe thing has really made me realize unless it is 2 doors, coupes are so tiring on everything else. Plus as you all know being such a big guy, I want a REAL SUV, not this toy!
  12. And now we are at a 4 month high of oil prices. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/20/reuters-america-update-7-u-s-oil-prices-hit-4-month-peak-on-tightening-global-supply.html https://www.marketwatch.com/story/oil-prices-settle-at-a-4-month-high-after-a-weekly-drop-in-us-crude-supplies-2019-03-20 https://www.marketwatch.com/story/oil-aims-for-3-day-win-streak-us-benchmark-trades-near-four-month-high-2019-03-13 https://www.thestreet.com/investing/futures/global-oil-prices-hit-fresh-4-month-high-after-eia-data-shows-big-crude-drawdown-14895430 https://www.investing.com/news/commodities-news/oil-prices-rise-to-4month-high-on-opec-supply-cuts-drop-in-us-output-1807567
  13. GM is doing an outstanding job of how they manage the over capacity and yet have jobs available for those displaced. We are going into crazy times where I think we will see a down sizing of employment jobs at the auto companies. Tesla after reviewing their auto ownership has stopped with yearly maintenance and moved to a as needed part replacement plan. I see the move to EV's will do the same for the mechanic and assembly jobs. A reduction is coming and yet with that new options in automated equipment repair and maintenance is upon us.
  14. Yes, but they comment and your pictures show that two carry on suitcases and a couple back packs would go back there without folding down the 3rd row seats and in the BMW they had to fold them down, so that space must be tight right up against the rear glass. Which the picture William posted on this thread seems to confirm that.
  15. Cool to see the details of each plant GM runs on their website. https://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/plants-facilities.html

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