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  1. dfelt

    Ford - VW Merge???????

    Upside is VW sells Ford Trucks and SUVs. Ford gets VW cars.
  2. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/2018/10/16/ford-volkswagen-partnership/1655475002/ Seems Ford and VW are talking about cooperation in building auto's that are the cornerstone of each company for each other to expand global sales. Seems Trucks / SUVs from Ford to VW and Cars from VW to Ford. Analysts say there is more than just building auto's for each other that a buy out of one by the other or a merge could take VW from #1 in the world to #1 plus alotta space from #2. Analysts are dumbfounded as to why Ford is not moving forward faster as they all see a big turn down coming in the auto industry. To quote the story: “Ford can screw around with management layer reductions in North America and partnership in the other three regions instead of being acquired, in a desperate attempt to remain independent, but concurrently, the next auto downturn is coming," said Gabrielsen, an Ann Arbor native who is based in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. He travels frequently to Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta to meet with clients, primarily U.S.-based global companies. "It is just a question of how soon. But, at the pace they are moving, the downturn will hit before they are done restructuring," he said. "A VW-Ford combination would be the undisputed largest automaker in the world, leaving the (now) near-tie with Toyota in the dust." To quote the news story above: The Ford-VW numbers are compelling, analysts said again and again. Gabrielsen noted that in 2017: Ford had 13.9 percent of the market share versus 4.5 percent for VW in North America. VW had 10.6 percent of the market share versus 8.9 percent for Ford in South America VW had 10 percent of the market share versus 3.4 percent for Ford in Asia Pacific. VW had 17 percent of the market share versus 7.5 percent for Ford in Europe.
  3. dfelt

    Ford News: Ford Expands Production of the GT (Again)

    Yup that verbal promise of building an exclusive item, then saying we will build some more. Broken promise.
  4. dfelt

    Ford News: Ford Expands Production of the GT (Again)

    Sounds like they need money, so lets break our promise and build another set of cars.
  5. Totally agree that there is much vagueness to this. There should be clear DUI, here in Washington they do have a test machine that is a drug swab test. All state, county and city police are trained on the physical signs to look for and then the test to see how much they have in their system. Nothing is perfect, but they do have the DUI broke down by the two types. Also, this does not seem to take into account the growth of the states that have legalized it. Due to High Tech Jobs, Washington state has really grown in the last couple years. 6% increase in accidents could just be normal for the millions that have moved here. I know that Washington, California , Colorado and I have heard Oregon is also going to the Drug Swab test that is accurate and holds up in court. There is a BIG point missing here. The Millions saved on jail space, court time, etc. from removing POT and the arrest, process, etc. that goes with it being criminalized. EDIT: https://lcb.wa.gov/mj2015/faqs_i-502 This is the Washington state FAQ on POT. Our law states the following for DUI: The initiative sets a per se DUI limit of "delta-9" THC levels at greater than or equal to 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood (5 ng/mL). State and local law enforcement agencies are tasked with enforcing the DUI limit.
  6. I thought you measured it based on how many brownies they eat?
  7. Yet let's admit that auto's period are all overpriced. If our salary went in sync with auto prices, we all would be making $500,000 a year.
  8. Pricing that is competitive with Tesla is where it will start for some companies. Others will try for a notch above Bolt / Leaf IMHO.
  9. But this makes being a Pot Farmer very lucrative for those living next to Canada now that it is legal in the country. New Export Crop - Washington Bud! Just remember to be kind and Puff, Puff, Pass!
  10. Try nasty at the end of 30 days. White interiors
  11. dfelt

    It Ain't Easy...

    I will stick with my Michelins. They have been awesome on my SS and Escalade. The rest of the SUV family has BF Goodrich All Terrain that i just love too.
  12. dfelt


    @Cubical-aka-Moltar Thanks I saw it and snapped a pic real quick on my way to the bus yesterday. Thought it was the trax. Your right Vue is bigger, but the interior space on the bolt look more spacious.
  13. According to Cars Direct who got access to the ordering guide, Nissan dealers can now order up the Nissan Leaf with the 60 kWh battery pack. The long range EV go into production in January 2019 with Spring 2019 delivery. It now appears that the Leaf will hit the same price as the Chevy Bolt with the top of the line Leaf SL costing $42,500 compared to the fully loaded Bolt at $41,780. Differences is that the Leaf has a 225 mile EPA range where the Bolt is certified at 238 miles. According to Push EV who says they got their hands on slides and other information on the 60 kWh battery will come with a 160 kW motor replacing the 110 kW motor that comes with the 40 kWh battery. Nissan also has added 100 kW DC fast charging along with 11-22 kW internal charger power. Both of these are upgraded from the current 6,6 kW internal charger power and 50 kW DC fast charging for the 40 kW battery EV. The last piece of info is that Nissan with the new battery pack drops their lack of thermal mgmt. based on using air for a liquid thermal mgmt. system on the new battery pack which is supplied by LG Chemical rather than AESC the provider of the 40 kW battery pack which was owned by Nissan and sold summer 2018 to LG Chem. Either way there is now 2 alternatives to a Tesla 3 and Nissan and Chevrolet still has their Federal rebate where Tesla is out it seems as of the end of October. The next question for Nissan that fans have been asking is when is the Nismo version going on sale now that they have their new 60 kWh battery? Cars Direct Story Push EV Story
  14. dfelt


    Perfect side by side, Bolt and Saturn Vue. So much more interior space in the bolt compared to the Vue. Thanks Cubicle for spotting the difference. Fixed above.

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