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  1. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    According to the details of his $20.1 Billion network as of Sept 7th 2017, 82% of it is stock as he controls 51% of Space X and a large chunk of Tesla. that means roughly 16.4 billion is stock so he really is only worth 3.6 billion if you look at cash and other assets. He is on record as sinking almost every penny he owns into these two companies. So if they die, he pretty much is wiped out.
  2. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Burn baby Burn should be Tesla's new slogan!
  3. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    This is not true as every state is different, in Washington state, you pay all your taxes and fees at the time you buy your car, so an ad like this is deceptive and would not be allowed as taxes, fees, title, etc. can vary depending on the final agreed purchase price of the auto. So you're saying in Europe prices are fixed, there is no dickering you just pay what they advertise? Interesting,
  4. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    Very cool auto, reminds me of the AMC Eagles. An auto way ahead of it's time.
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    Interesting, just saw this on Green Car Report that NextEV from China that built their Nio EV SUV based on Tesla patents has secured from various sources both in China and the US over $1 billion to build and ship their first RWD EV SUV. The company claims they will have Toyota Cost and quality with Tesla battery range. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1113856_chinese-electric-car-startup-nio-gets-1-billion-in-funding-report
  6. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    I normally would too, but the SRX lack of legroom in the rear compared to the Envision makes the difference.
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    I thought they reminded me of Volvo.
  8. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    When you do get back out, check out one of the Theater Breweries. Some great places to enjoy custom micro beer and a movie with food. https://www.travelportland.com/article/portland-brew-n-view-theaters/ https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/portland/portland-s-best-theater-pubs-beer-movie-theaters Been to most of them, course as a fan of Terminator, I have a fondness for Mission Theater. Hollywood Theater is a blast also. Cool 70mm films are still shown there.
  9. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Some awesome places to visit on Couch Street. Named after John H. Couch the treasure and a sailor of Portland OR. Couch Beer is pretty good there too since there are a bunch of micro brews in that area. I agree with everyone that modern auto's are a pain in the ass to P - Park. Another reason I love my SUV's.
  10. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    That is why you have higher ground clearance. My daughter used to be afraid of parallel parking her Durango. I taught her to just pull in, take the front wheel up onto the sidewalk / curb and then slowly drop it off back onto the street. Parallel parked in record time. She never has a problem and loves how easy it is to do. Yea, many are not able to P - Park, but I consider myself the exception rather than the norm. Just drive up, drop off and done being parked close.
  11. Trumpchi Auto brand? Really? Talk about coming into an Auto market with a looser of a name. They so need to rethink the marketing and branding of their auto's. They would be better off just merging with FCA or buying them out and using the US branded names as a minimal select group would buy a Trumpchi brand not to mention I am sure Trump would sue about his name being used.
  12. Subaru News: Subaru Teases 2019 Ascent

    EXCITEMENT! Cool to see the whole release of this bad boy and if it really will live up to the potential Excitement!
  13. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    I would rather have it as an option. I myself see no need for it. Proper planning makes these electronic options just that optional and for the most part lazy people features. Driving is a privilege you earn and you should be actively involved in all you do even when you use your auto to haul. Right now we have way to many nanny devices that has created a very lazy group of drivers.
  14. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    EV Tow Trucks will tow the Tow truck, just like Ford Diesel tows the Ford Diesel. So much for that one.

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