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  1. Wow, based on what i see and read here, this CUV is gonna need major cash to sell and most will still not buy it I think.
  2. One has to wonder what Germans pay for parts compared to here in the US. Do they pay the same $1,500 for a light housing replacement that we do in America or is it only $500 as the $1,000 covers shipping, export / import, handling?
  3. We'll Posted, I would agree that while we need adult cool level head discussions, we seem to give more than we get in return. As one who is college educated in Japan, I can tell you they never say no to your face, but are very business hard negotiators. We need to take the same attitude with Japan, Korea, China, and India. But rather than throw away current trade agreements and this tariff war, we need to take an educated brain approach in pointing out the areas that are unfair and way we view it as unfair and what we feel needs to be done to BALANCE that unfair trade aspect. Communication using our educated knowledge is the great tool to balance our Multicultural society I believe. +1 Zillion! Well said, we need an educated adult with a proper balance of real business knowledge to take our trade agreements and negotiate those aspects that are out of balance with fair proper notification and set dates of when needed tariffs that make products from that place and here equal to each other. Perfect example of wasted billions is our defense spending on guarding the oil tankers from the arab countries that go to other countries with no benefit to us. Our cost of giving protection from pirates and hostile countries but nothing that actually covers that cost. Have them pay us to offer protection or supply it themselves. Thank you,
  4. Correct, we have always had countries that have added Tariffs to protect their local competitors. Yet a country has dropped Tariffs like India did once we had a signed trade agreement. Then Idiot in Office for no reason other than to complain about H1 visa's as too many workers coming here for jobs and with throwing away a signed agreement opens up a trade war with another country. The bully on the playground has never been a win long term for anyone. Unhappy with certain trade aspects, sit down like adults and discuss it rather than throw a tantrum. This tantrum administration has already destroyed America in the eyes of Billions around the world and not gained us anything.
  5. @ocnblu So then this is fake news to you. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/trump-campaign-cutting-ties-pollsters-after-internal-numbers-leaked-n1017991 Yet incompetence in leading our country and trade has led other countries to now impose tariffs on us. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/06/16/trade-war-india-hits-u-s-more-tariffs/1471140001/ Apple Exports hit with 70% Tariff and now exports will die off on top of many other things we export out of the country. Get ready for Depression 2 coming and this is truly all Trump.
  6. Bad News - Not everyone was happy. Good News - Some one won that had never won before.
  7. dfelt


    Funny blast from the past photo. Me and my two sisters with my dads dad. The one time we met him before he died from alcholism. So 1970's as my middle sister has a green smiley face dress on. All the rage. Lol
  8. Bad News - Some one is going to loose.
  9. @oldshurst442 Please my friend do not take this wrong as I am not asking you or anyone to defend ones love of sports. I have played Basket Ball as I am 6'6" tall and found it boring to play. Played soccer and found it boring running around and kicking a ball to others. I found playing Football boring as is baseball which actually put me to sleep standing in the outfield. My parents were surprised by all this. The only sports I love to play is Bowling which I was part of the PBA for many years and body building. The strive to work out the various muscles and perfect them to a tight cut defined look. I find that most other team members do not put in the same effort and trying to find equal hard working team mates drove me nuts, so I went to an individual sport which was me being responsible for the whole performance and having to accept my failures. Coworkers have invited me to sporting events and I either fall asleep sitting there or go nuts being bored. I honestly have never figured out why watching sports bores me and I have no interest. I get that all sports are a form of chess as you plan and strategize your attacks and defensive positions. I am honestly interested in why some of the members here are so fanatical about loving sports and it seems especially hockey. Is it the blood, the violence as I see most sports seem to have gone from being a team sport to all about me with these huge ego over paid sport people and there is no I in team, so I am just honestly interested in trying to understand what others find so fascinating about them. I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from. Bad news - I wonder if I will aggravate him? Good news - I am talking with a respected friend to better understand him.
  10. Remember what the Bene Gesserit's of the sisterhood say. "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." Sadly some get caught up in their fear.
  11. @oldshurst442 What is it about hockey that you find so exciting? I honestly like all the other professional sports I find boring to watch, so what do you find exciting about it to watch?
  12. Usually you have trucks lined up to the freeway to come in for pickup and drop off and the yard is stacked 6 to 8 high everywhere, but the no lines and huge open spaces are a surprise to see.
  13. I am thinking that with lower cost to manufacture, the added cost of shipping from the Asian rim heavy batteries to Germany will still make it more worthwhile to produce them locally. I also think this could be why LG is looking at Battery production sites in the US. Eventually tech economy of scale wins out and price goes down and a heavy item like a battery even with cheap labor will still cost more to ship than build locally I think.
  14. My work in Seattle over looks the port and Wow is freight down big time since the trade war began.

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