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  1. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    Yes they are all totaled by insurance companies, but we do not know if they will all get replaced. Also, I wonder how many will end up back in the Title Ghost pool and end up out of state after being dried out as a low miles car sold to some unsuspecting person because of the title wash. Buyer beware!
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    Put New Tires on the Escalade and Trailblazer today. Michelin Defender LTX M/S Talk about a Quiet tire and looks sharp. Really like the quality. $929.15 installed on the Escalade $982.14 installed on the Trailblazer Got $140 in rebate visa cards. Free installation, road hazard warranty. Gotta say Discount Tire is beating Costco on price, service and customer experience. Loving it!
  3. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Guess I have to disagree as Tesla to me is not a Gotta Have it Item. Exterior is boring, Interior is just as boring. They do nothing to make me want to have their products. Technology is cool and I love it, but I will wait to some other company builds an EV that I gotta have. I find the Bollinger B1 SUV a better EV SUV than Tesla. That is probably due to the more brick offroad look and functionality than the Tesla.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    @smk4565 You will love this, a guy who could not get BMW to fix his M6 and took a Sledgehammer to it then restored it to like new after BMW said they would look at his issues again, they must have come to terms as they put him into a E65 7 series and yet that also had issues that the dealership could not or would not fix. Finally after the last two years of hell he drove the auto to the BMW Corp Headquarters and lit it on fire. He is now driving a MB S350. He also in 2015 after BMW would not fix issues with his Z3 drove it to the company headquarters and lit it on fire too. Full Story here Police could not do anything since he burned his own auto and accuses BMW of Defrauding him and others.
  5. Considering so many sports cars have been around the 4200 mark till just the last couple of years, I would say the Rimac would probably perform not much difference than cars in the 2 door segment from the Italians, Germans, Americans and Asians. Being that it does not have to lug an ICE engine that has to be rebuilt every 30,000 miles, Lower cost to operate and already one of the fastest monsters out there. We will weight till the actual production of a Project One comes out and then see how it stands up.
  6. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    I am sure also give the room needed for pricing on the Tesla 3. Be interesting to see the used car market and how it goes.
  7. One has to wonder if this is where BitCoin pirate profits go to these backwater startups. Maybe also funded by the dark web.
  8. This totally makes sense, why waste money in markets that have minimal interest in a car like this.
  9. Volvo News: 2018 Volvo XC40 Shows How Sweden Does Small

    I have to wonder how long the life of the engine will last with all that stress on the Engine. ill it truly last 100K, 250K or 500K miles?
  10. Volvo News: 2018 Volvo XC40 Shows How Sweden Does Small

    Very cool to hear as so many things have been said about Turbo motors being just like a V8 and really do not live up to it.
  11. WOW http://www.automobilemag.com/news/mercedes-amg-project-one-hypercar-revealed/ So this Hypercar requires a complete rebuild of the 1.6L V6 engine every 30,000 miles. PASS, The Rimac is way better and as proven, I really doubt the MB Hypercar can beat it in performance.
  12. The guy has the money, I suspect we will see it at least in limited production as he then goes after startup capital investments. I also think this was a proof of concept to allow them to sell the tech solution to an Auto OEM who wants to get a real off road EV SUV into the market place. Be interesting as we have a number of EV startups. I suspect only 10-20% will survive with the rest selling off their patents and folding up or being bought out. I also expect some ICE OEMs to fold shop over the next 5-10 years especially in China and Europe. Interesting times we live in.
  13. Valid True points but then you have the Brick from Bollinger Motors which is 200 miles on their SUV, very real world capable off road and still 200 miles of range. I am good with that.
  14. Volvo News: 2018 Volvo XC40 Shows How Sweden Does Small

    WOW, Talk about a confusing mess as I actually thought the T8 was an 8 cylinder, T6 was 6 cylinder, T5 was 5 cylinder, etc. That is just a mess of HP figures. Truly they need a better system to identify the differences between the engine outputs IMHO. Totally agree that this body design on the other autos would rock. Agree that this 40 is too small but would love it on the 90 or 80