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  1. An absolutely perfect day outside. 



  2. Children need not apply. Take that to the other place where the other children play. 

    1. David


      You're not talking about that weisel web site for auto's that so many fled are you? ;)

    2. surreal1272


      Yep and while I realize that I have been sucked into that nonsense from time to time, it is coming to a halt. If only the trolls in question would the same thing, then this would be a better place than it already is. 

  3. If you've never had Jacobs Krönung Meisterröstung coffee first thing in the morning, then you are missing out on the nectar of the coffee gods!

  4. Karma is tasting sweeter by the day. 

  5. Such a nice day outside. 

  6. The new site looks great Drew!

  7. Welcome to oblivion. 

  8. Wiping the slate clean. 

  9. "Another one bites the dust"

  10. "Cause I'm just a bill. A poor old lonely bill. Sitting all alone on Capitol Hill."

  11. "I triple dog dare you!"

  12. "I'm learning to fly, but I don't have wings"

  13. "Idiots doing idiot things because they're idiots" ---Sterling Archer

  14. A day of mourning.

  15. A liar who continues to lie is still just a liar.

  16. A special shout out goes to those who can't handle a little debate.

  17. Alf died in Cali.

  18. All of you one brand fanboys need to get a damn clue.

  19. Always make sure to display your fanboyism in all CAPS.

  20. As the wind blows.

  21. Attack? Why, it is not the way of my people.

  22. Attention seeking f**k nuts need not apply.

  23. Beware the fanboys. They travel in packs.

  24. Beware. Stalkers lurk in the shadows.

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