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  1. What exactly was the argument? Diesel can be dirty, so can gas. Beyond that, maybe it's my ignorance of certain elements, but all the stuff you posted above the picture didn't seem to contain a cohesive argument, per se. But I haven't witnessed black plumes off of late-model diesels with my own eyes, nor any kind of stink from them. It's always 10+ year old trucks that spew, in my experience.
  2. I would just like to point out that NONE of those photos above show 2011-2016 GM trucks. That chevy that's blowing smoke is '07 at the very latest. And not 100% sure about the other makes, but most of those look older, too. What I've seen of newer diesels across all makes is very clean tailpipes. I'm calling a 90% chance this is a witch hunt. VW put blood in the water, and now the sharks are circling.
  3. Small man syndrome. All kidding aside, not a bad looking little car. Might be a good choice if you're in he market for something tiny.
  4. roadwarrior

    Chevrolet News:The Chevrolet Bolt Name Debate

    That works for an auto traditionalist like me. Think it'll fly with a company trying to target the "hip, young" crowd?
  5. roadwarrior

    Chevrolet News:The Chevrolet Bolt Name Debate

    Chevy Amp Chevy Watt Chevy Ohm Of course, Amp is the only one here that doesn't beg jokes right off the top...
  6. Maybe a 1-time charge of 30M to update technology, tools, etc, that I could see. I know government is ridiculously inefficient, but I can't believe that $10.7M only pays for 24 people. That works out to $445K/year/employee.
  7. roadwarrior

    GMC News: Rumorpile: More On GMC's Wrangler Competitor

    Not good enough a pshopper to do it, but I can see it in my mind. Even leaving the headlights exactly as is and taking a (shortened) grille off the canyon, it's a gruff looking little 4-wheeler. Could borrow design language from the headlights of the canyon, too, just square 'em up a bit to match the overall shape of the HX. I don't remember the full details of the HX, but if the back seats made a muck-proof "bed", that'd be perfect for me. Take my $$ now!
  8. Not just "at what a price", but "at what cost". One way to increase economy is to lighten the vehicle. Lighter vehicles do less well in real-world collisions than heavier ones (insert physics here). How may lives would lighter vehicles cost when they come against, say, a current-model Tahoe? Another is electrification. Okay, so that adds how much to the weight and cost of the car? How about the environmental impact to the areas around all those battery factories? Lost of nasty chemicals in batteries. Has anyone ever done a net environmental impact study on a hybrid/electric vs a traditional internal combustion? Not sure these "modern" vehicles are near as clean as the enviro-nuts would want us to believe. The government should stop creating new subsidies, period, then curtail existing subsidies. Might have to lay off a few bureaucrats, but we'll get a much better idea of what works, what doesn't; what's efficient, what's not; and what's too damned expensive to survive. There's more to look at here than JUST economy numbers, and the government either doesn't get that, or doesn't care.
  9. roadwarrior

    GMC News: Rumorpile: More On GMC's Wrangler Competitor

    Give it some GMC DNA and build it already. I was waiting for an H4 when Hummer got canned.
  10. Agreed with previous posters, this would have been fine as a Buick if the had changed out the grille! Nothing wrong with a badge job on an import, but should at least get some proper styling cues as part of the deal.
  11. roadwarrior

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet SS Manual Now Up on Chevy's Site

    With GM's recent biz model, probably be a V8-powered Impala SS.
  12. roadwarrior

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet SS Manual Now Up on Chevy's Site

    A nice swan song, but sorry to see it go. But I can't say that I've ever actually seen one on the road.
  13. roadwarrior

    Ford News: Ford Releases Fuel Economy Numbers on 2015 F-150

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermite Never thought putting Aluminum and Steel together was a good idea...this was the first thing that came to mind when that one burst into fire in the desert.
  14. That front end reminds me of the alien in Men in Black, the one who had to pull back on his sagging face..."Is that better?"

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