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  1. Essense, ST package, AWD. It was the best blend of features and price for us. It came with the black 20" wheels with the ST package. I would have LOVED the 20" silver wheels that are an option of the Essense, but it looks like GM is not making those yet. You either get the Avenir with those specific Avenir 20's...you get the Black ST 20's, or the 18's.
  2. We just got an Envision (2021), picked it up on Saturday. Came from a 2018 CX-5. The envision is quicker, more responsive, rides a LOT smoother (even with the 20" wheels)...although the inside feels a tad bit cramped for a with this its exterior dimensions.
  3. My father had one of those cars when it was brand new, one of the few cars he ever bought that wasn't a Chevy...and at the time, he liked it better than any Monte Carlo/Impala he had before or right after.
  4. We had a 2014 Mazda 6, the first year of the 'current' gen model. When we got it there was a rattle in it.....took it to the dealership and they took care of it right away as a Technical Service Bulletin was out on in. Other than that, 50,000+ miles later and not a single problem. That was a huge relief coming off our our 2008 Saturn Vue before it, which had a remarkable list of things that broke or just weren't right that required well over 10 trips to the dealership (seriously, it was like 12 or 13 times we were back while still under warranty)
  5. I didn't like the title of the thread. When I read it...I was thining "1350 of WHAT vehicle are being recalled now for a problem?"
  6. I am intersted in this, but I hold just the oppposite view on you regarding the engine. I have had 3 ecotecs (last year Cavalier, a cobalt and a 2.4 HHR) as well as one of the Toyota family of 1.8's (A celica GT) and by far and a way, the engine was the strong suit of the toyota. It had a LITTLE less power (due to the lack of torque) than the ecotec in our Cavalier and Cobat, but it blew away the Ecotec with fuel economy and was a bit less 'buzzy' at anythign over 3000 rpms.
  7. I'm not happy about the large price increase. I know, I know...there is more standard equipment, it is a better vehicle...but....this is what I do know: -when most new vehicles are launched, they only have a modest price increase over the outgoing one -for the way I would want one equiped, it is thousands over what I would get now. There is a lot more standard equipment, but most of it is for stuff I don't want or need. I have owned a Vue in the past and I saw the new one at the Ny auto show, and I liked it a lot. But I'd be interested in a Redline FWD vue, and I simply cannot justif
  8. I really like it. I might have a hard time if it was my only car....but for a second car...I could not think of a car I'd like more. It would be the perfect type of car to drive...when I want a break from my typical domestic SUV or Sedan. As I said, for a second car for the family, I couldn't be happier with anything else GM would produce.
  9. I totally agree. This is another classic example of GM doing something 90% right...but the 10% they don't do is the important thing. If these both would have cone with 6 speed Automatics, for example, their appeal would be dramatically greater. There are just a LOT of people who don't hate GM, but when these cars are up against the competition at that price point (approaching Acura/Infinit levels...certainly above Toyota levels) and cars with comparable specs can be had with more perceived refinement, they will fail. I know GM WOULD release the 6 speed automatic with them if these cars were
  10. I like a lot of what Mitsubishi is doing. The outlander I think looks pretty good, it's interior in my opinion blows away the Rav4's, and I am even starting to see more eclipses around.
  11. The wheels on Gizhosts pics look great. I really wish the new Vue Redline would offer 19's or 20's instead of just 18's.
  12. Is the source of your information official or at least reliable? The reason I ask is over the past few weeks, I have read or heard from some people the same thing...that the refresh has been pushed back a year...and at the very same time others have told me that they are sure it is still on schedule for this fall. No one has anything close to an official source though...I would just like to see some info to back up either of sides of this story.
  13. It's a Handling package also..and while to you that may not be much...it is something that to me is almost as important as the power. We had a regular 04 vue with the 250hp engine...and while it was great...the Redline that I drove was simply more enjoyable to drive than our Vue because of the suspension.
  14. I like it a lot. Might look a tad better with bigger wheels, maybe 19"..but it looks pretty much like I wanted it to. Now for the important part. It needs to have a lot more than 250hp....and the 263 reported for the Equinox SS would be better, but I really want to see it above 270. Remember, this new Vue is going to weigh 400-500 lbs more than the current one. Horspower needs to be up near 265-270 just to be sure this 4000 lb Vue has the same performance as the outgoing 3500-3600 lb Vue with 250 hp. The 6 speed auto should help versus the current 5 speed, but no where near enough to o
  15. I have been looking at these pictures long and hard, trying to find out what it is about this vehicle that I think is just 'not quite right'. Don't get me wrong, I like it. I'm glad its here. Right now if you were to ask me what is going to be our next new car next year, it would come down to this, the new 08 Vue, a Mini Cooper, or Maybe a G6 coupe. I think I found out what it was. The Wheels. Not the style, I love the 5 spoke style...but its the size. They need to be a bit bigger. Certainly I'm not advocating a car like this rolling around on 24" wheels or anything like that. Howeve

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