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  • Drew Dowdell
    Drew Dowdell

    GM investing $56M over two plants

      Transmissions and Traverses.

    GM has announced total investments of $56M for capacity expansion to be spread over two of its existing manufacturing plants GM said in a press statement.  

    $20M will be going to its Romulus Michigan propulsion plant to expand capacity of 10-speed transmission manufacturing. The investment will be used to purchase additional machining equipment.  GM 10-speed is used in their full-size rear-wheel drive SUVs and trucks. The Romulus plant currently employs about 1,350 people and also builds V6 engines. Expansion of the Romulus plant implies GM is preparing to expand the transmission to more models. 

    An additional $36M in investment will go into its Lansing Delta Township plant to expand production and get ready for the refreshed Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave crossovers. Built in 2006, Lansing Delta Township is GM's newest manufacturing facility. 

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    • By David
      Love this new marketing from GM!
      Are you willing to join the future? Are you willing to join Generation E?
    • By David
      GM announced today their new family of EV motors, The Ultium Drive family.

      The Ultium Drive family is made up of five interchangeable drive units and three motors. This will help transition the current portfolio of auto's to fully electric lineup. Performance, scale, speed to market and manufacturing efficiencies will provide GM significant advantages over past EV auto's. GM is leading the way with industry class leading drive units that use an electric motor and single-speed transmissions to apply power best in class horsepower and torque. Ultium Drives will be more responsive than internal combustion motors with precision torque control of the motors and smooth performance. The design and development of the Ultium Drive modular architecture allows us to offer industry-leading torque with power density across a wide spectrum of different vehicles types.
      GM has applied their 25 years of EV experience in creating the Ultium Drive family with lighter and more efficient designs. The Ultium Drive family integrates the power electronics into the drive units assemblies allowing for a 50% reduction in electronics over previous auto's thus saving cost and packaging space while increasing capability by 25 percent.

      To Quote GM press release:
      “As with other propulsion systems that are complex, capital intensive and contain a great deal of intellectual property, we’re always better off making them ourselves,” said Adam Kwiatkowski, GM executive chief engineer, Global Electrical Propulsion. “GM’s full lineup of EVs should benefit from the simultaneous engineering of Ultium Drive. Our commitment to increased vertical integration is expected to bring additional cost efficiency to the performance equation.”

    • By David
      Detroit Free Press covered the annual GM Analysts call this week and with the second quarter results it showed that GM has lost $800 million in the quarter but over all North American Earnings were breakeven and this was with 8 weeks of shutdown. Over all the Stock beat wall streets estimates and yet still sold off in large numbers during the pandemic closure.
      Analysts had plenty of questions for GM with a major question of will GM consider spinning off their technology arm which would include electric vehicles operations into a stand alone company?
      The idea of a stand alone GM Tech company is to recognize the advanced tech GM has over other auto companies and to unlock what Analysts see as considerable shareholder value. This new entity would allow access to cheap new capital to keep the old GM going till the new GM would replace it as a cutting edge tech auto company with what is seen as future strong growth.
      GM has reinforced it's future of all electric auto's, self driving auto's and what it expects to become a zero emission company with 20 new EV auto's on the market by 2023, the first being out in Q1 of 2021.
      The group of Analysts has suggested the new company be called Ultium based on GM's new battery tech.
      The CEO responded that GM is evaluating many scenarios for the future of GM. She had nothing further to say other than the board and executive team will consider all options for what is best for driving long-term shareholder value. Quote: "Nothing is off the table."
      Analysts have since added notes to their research suggesting that GM could already be considering this since so many start ups are valued more than GM such as Tesla, Nikola, Rivian, etc. The Billions of cheap dollars that could help drive GM long term into the future is hard to ignore.
      Some analysts say that to split the company would kill off the baby, meaning the EV side would die after the money was harvested from the stock sale as you only have the Chevrolet Bolt and the new company would have to follow Tesla in going back to the market for more and more money. This is based on what some analysts see as only a US/Canada interest in EVs compared to the rest of the world needing ICE.
      That being said it does show a clear line between those Analysts that see Europe and China leading in new tech with a change to EV's versus those Analysts that are more inline with the oil industry and imply that there is little to no interest in EV's.
      End result is WHAT WILL GM DO?
      I suspect GM will stay the course of using ICE auto's to fund the change to an all EV world. 50 years from now, people will be wondering why it took so long to dump ICE auto's in favor of EV's.
      What are your thoughts on this?
    • By David
      Today July 31st 2020 GM and EVgo anounced their partnership to grow the EVgo fast charging network in growing nationally fast chargers. 2,700 fast chargers will be paid for and added to the EVgo network of fast chargers nationally by 2025.
      EVgo currently has 800 fast chargers that allows EV's to fully charge battery packs from 15 to 30 mins. In support of GM's drive to be 100% renewable power, all EVgo chargers use renewable energy now and will continue for the additional 2,700 stations that are to be added to the network.
      To Quote the News Release:
      This EV charging announcement continues GM’s commitment to an all-electric future.
      The heart of GM’s strategy is a modular propulsion system and a highly flexible global EV platform powered by proprietary Ultium batteries, allowing the company to compete for nearly every customer in the market today, whether they are looking for affordable transportation, a luxury experience, work trucks or a high-performance machine. On Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, Cadillac will reveal the luxury brand’s first fully electric vehicle, the Cadillac LYRIQ. Earlier this year, GM announced that the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant will be GM’s first plant that is 100 percent devoted to electric vehicles and in fall 2021, will start building the new GMC HUMMER EV. GM was the first automaker to launch a long-range, affordable EV in 2017 with the Chevrolet Bolt EV and will expand on the Bolt EV’s foundation with the introduction of the Bolt EUV in 2021.  In March 2020, GM announced plans to greatly expand employee workplace charging with the addition of 3,500 new plugs at GM facilities in the U.S. and Canada. In 2019, GM announced the creation of Ultium Cells LLC, a joint venture with LG Chem to mass-produce battery cells in Ohio for future battery-electric vehicles, and that GM is working with Qmerit to create a more accessible at-home charging solution. 1 Actual charge times will vary based on battery condition, output of charger, vehicle settings and outside temperature.
    • By William Maley
      While the focus on the electric vehicles have been on the ultra plush and quick models from the likes of Tesla, Audi, and Jaguar, there is a lot of work being done for electric delivery vans. The combination of reduced maintenance, low fuel costs, and an abundance of torque to deal with heavy loads make them a perfect to do deliveries in urban areas. Rivian is the most-well known player here with plans to build out a fleet of electric vans for Amazon. Another player is ready to join the fight.
      Reuters reported yesterday that General Motors is working on a electric van for the commercial market. Five sources reveal that the van - codenamed BV1 - is expected to go into production late next year. It is expected to use Ultium battery technology that GM first talked about back in March. Utilizing this could solve one of the big issues with EVs, price. By switching Cobalt (expensive) for Aluminum (less expensive), GM says it will drop the cost of a battery to $100 per kilowatt-hour - making it around the same cost as regular gas powered van. Analysis done last year put the kilowatt-hour cost of a battery at $159. 
      One item still being debated internally is whether the van will be sold as Chevrolet, GMC, or a new brand. 
      When asked by Reuters, GM said it is “committed to an all-electric future and is implementing a multi-segment, scalable EV strategy to get there. At this time, we do not have any announcements to make regarding electric commercial vehicles.”
      GM isn't the only company getting on the electric van train. Ford has announced plans for an electric version of the Transit to launch in 2022, and British startup Arrival which has the backing of Hyundai, currently has an order of 10,000 vans from UPS.
      Source: Reuters

      View full article
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    • mid '80s-early '90s cars: '53 Merc 2-dr sedan '59 Star Chief 4-dr sedan '65 Catalina 2-dr sedan '68 Sedan deVille 4-dr hardtop '64 Grand Prix 2-dr hardtop '59 Invicta 2-dr hardtop '67 Malibu 2-dr hardtop '67 Chevelle 2-dr hardtop '65 Corvair 2-dr hardtop '65 Corsa 2-dr hardtop '64 Ford Custom 2-dr sedan '66 Belvidere 2-dr hardtop '63 Galaxie 4-dr hardtop numerous Mustangs '67 Firebird 2-dr hardtop '69 Firebird 2-dr hardtop '67 Coupe deVille '68 deVille convertible '63 Catalina 2-dr hardtop '68 Catalina 2-dr hardtop '69 Cougar 2-dr hardtop '72 Duster 2-dr hardtop '74 Camaro coupe ...off the top of my head
    • I think both in Ohio and S Florida most of the regular 60s and 50s stuff was gone from the roads in the mid 80s (salt). There were a few 60s cars in my high school—maybe a 1/2 dozen, and only 2 from the 50s I remember—a ‘56 Ford pickup street rod and a late 50s MGA.     The ‘60s cars I remember were the twins that had a pair of restored red ‘65 Mustangs—one coupe, one convertible, a rough brown ‘68 Mustang coupe, a rough blue ‘66 Mustang coupe, an orange ‘68 Road Runner, a dark blue ‘68 Charger, a gray ‘65 Coupe de Ville and a well worn ‘68 Comet 2dr. 
    • Right; 4-drs were shunned among enthusiasts.... but of course a huge quantity of 2-drs had bench seats. I'm fine with buckets/console in vintage stuff, I just also have no problem with a bench there, too. I briefly considered buckets/console in my '59, decided not to bother. 'Our gang' ran mostly older iron in the mid '80s; mid '60's stuff, with a couple of '50s cars.
    • When I was I high school, 4drs with bench seats weren’t aspirational though.  They were thought of as parent and grandpa cars.  Kids wanted sporty 2dr bucket seat hatchbacks—those were the cars we wanted in the mid 80s.     But I had many friends that got hand-me-down sedans from their folks…I remember a pale green ‘77 LeSabre, a sweet red w/ white top ‘76 Electra Limited 2dr, a dark red ‘81 Delta 88, and a sweet triple silver ‘80 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance.  Rode in all of them, often with 6 teenagers...they were comfortable, not cramped.  Also remember a blue '75-78 Marquis 4dr and an early 80s Impala wagon.  I drove my Dad’s ‘85 Town Car to school on occasion before I got my ‘87 Mustang GT.  
    • Latest News Solid State Breakthrough, Safe, Long-lasting and Energy-dense! Be it a AA battery size cell or a pouch, the holly grail of battery research is smaller size with denser energy. Recently some major break throughs have happened on the Solid State front that brings Safe, Long-lasting and Energy-dense that can possibly revolutionize the BEV industry. ---> Read More BrightDrop Launches EV410 with Verizon and Sets Record for EV600 Electric Vehicles BrightDrop, General Motors commercial electric auto division launches an all new electric van with Verizon and sets a record for their first announced EV600 van. ---> Read More Creating 11,000 Jobs, Investing $11.4 Billion, FORD to Lead America's Shift to Electric Vehicles A new MEGA Campus in Tennessee and TWIN Battery plants in Kentucky, FORD believes America can grow with new investments in BEVs with a new lineup of advanced EVs. ---> Read More Is Legacy Auto Maker Toyota Days as Number 1 Numbered? In 2008 Toyota Motor Company surpassed GM for the first time in 77 years to become the #1 auto builder. Yet recent pre-sales / sales seems to indicate that time might be limited. ---> Read More 2030 Volvo Aims to be Leather-free Starting with the Electric C40 SUV. Volvo is making an ethical stand for animal welfare as it moves to a fully electric portfolio of auto's. Starting with the C40 Recharge, all new BEVs will be completely leather-free. Tell us what you think! ---> Read More Redwood Materials and Ford Announce Partnership on Batteries! Tesla cofounder JB Straubel's Redwood Materials and Ford have announced a closed-loop on battery production to recycling. ---> Read More Most Powerful, Most Off-Road Capable and Smartest Expedition Ever, 2022 Ford Expedition is Revealed! How does an auto company close out the summer of 2021? By revealing their flagship full size SUV. Check out the new 2022 Ford Expedition! ---> Read More Latest Reviews Quick Drive: 2020 Lexus NX 300h & UX 250h Lexus' Hybrid Theory of Crossovers ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2020 Hyundai Venue SEL & Palisade Limited AWD Looking at the smallest and largest Hyundai crossovers ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition and Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Driving around in Toyota's old school SUVs ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2020 Toyota Prius XLE AWD-e and Corolla Hatchback XSE Can small changes make big changes? ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2020 Toyota Camry TRD & Lexus ES 350 F-Sport From the Mundane to Somewhat Exciting ---> Read More Click here to view our privacy policy CheersandGears.com - Established 2001  P.O. Box 17974, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 You can manage your subscription settings at the following link https://www.cheersandgears.com/settings/?area=newsletters
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