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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Lincoln Launches A Car Subscription Service Pilot

    Lincoln is the latest automaker to launch a pilot program for a car subscription service. But this subscription service will differ from the others in one key way; Lincoln will be offering a range of pre-owned 2017 vehicles, not new models.

    Lincoln's service will be run through Ford's subscription service, Canvas. Like Lincoln, Canvas allows subscribers to choose from a range of pre-owned Ford vehicles. The service will launch in West Los Angeles and the San Francisco area. No word on pricing, but Lincoln says a monthly payment will have a "mileage package," along with a warranty, maintenance, and insurance. Subscribers will also have access to Lincoln's Pickup and Delivery service where their vehicle will be picked up for servicing and be left with a loaner vehicle.

    No launch date has been announced for Lincoln's program.

    Source: Lincoln
    Press Release is on Page 2

    Lincoln Expands Effortless Services, Advances Vehicle Ownership Experience

    • Beginning with Aviator, Lincoln will offer the driver considerate prompts through SYNC®, linking to the brand’s suite of effortless services
    • Lincoln is launching a pilot luxury subscription service offering a range of pre-owned 2017 Lincoln vehicles
    • Click-to-Purchase online program expands, along with Personal Driver™; Pickup & Delivery™ program continues to grow nationwide, and expands globally

    NEW YORK, March 28, 2018 – The Lincoln Motor Company complements its line of elegant vehicles with an exceptional suite of effortless services. With the introduction of the Aviator production preview, Lincoln advances the brand’s holistic approach to vehicle ownership by bringing those services into the vehicle.

    Through Lincoln SYNC®, drivers receive prompts, or cues, which are designed to deliver helpful information to them visually on the cluster display of the vehicle, recommending appropriate actions to help them overcome whatever situation they’re facing. Should they run low on fuel, for example, Aviator will notify them and seamlessly connect them with navigation to offer them the closest gas station options.

    “Lincoln is developing services that make our clients’ lives effortless, and we consider very carefully how we connect those services,” says Joy Falotico, president, The Lincoln Motor Company. “We look at their lives, how they work and what they do, and then we look at what we can offer them from a Lincoln perspective to make everything more seamless and to save our clients what they value most – their time.”

    The brand continues to advance and expand its other client services, which are available now:

    Lincoln Subscription Service: Lincoln is launching a luxury subscription pilot service offering a range of 2017 pre-owned Lincoln vehicles in West Los Angeles. This expands the pilot offering 2015 Lincoln vehicles in both West Los Angeles and the San Francisco area. All Lincoln subscribers receive exclusive benefits.

    With the service, offered through Canvas, clients have a vehicle 24/7 as if it were their own. A monthly payment covers their preferred mileage package, plus comprehensive insurance, warranty, maintenance and roadside assistance.

    Lincoln subscribers for 2017 vehicles also will receive the benefits of Pickup & Delivery™, one of the brand’s most popular services, as part of their warranty package.

    Lincoln Pickup & Delivery: Lincoln’s standard Pickup & Delivery service continues to grow. Available nationally, the service has completed more than 100,000 rides since its inception in 2016 and now plans to expand globally. Pickup & Delivery is designed to respect what Lincoln clients value most – their time.

    The Lincoln Valet Service picks up a client’s vehicle for any service need, at any location, provides the client with a complimentary Lincoln loaner vehicle, and returns it in the same manner. Clients can book and track progress of service via the Lincoln Way™ app.

    Lincoln is the only luxury automaker to provide standard Pickup & Delivery service as part of the vehicle warranty.

    Lincoln Personal Driver: Lincoln Personal Driver™, a program first piloted in San Diego and Miami, will expand to Dallas and soon be integrated into the Lincoln Way app.

    Personal Driver provides clients with a carefully screened driver when needed – allowing them to enjoy being a passenger from the safety and comfort of their own Lincoln vehicle. The driver can assist with other errands while clients attend to their engagements, which may range from personal or medical appointments to airport transportation.

    Click-to-Purchase: The Click-to-Purchase online program allows potential clients to complete nearly every step of the buying or leasing process online.

    Potential clients can search participating dealer inventories, calculate estimated trade-in values for their current vehicles using the Kelley Blue Book standard, apply for financing and create a payment plan. They’re shown a price for the vehicle with available incentives, as well as estimated taxes and fees based on their zip code.

    They then print out a certificate with the pricing information, which also gets sent to the dealer. The pricing is honored for 48 hours. The client can make an appointment with the dealer to purchase or lease the vehicle. The program will be available throughout the U.S. by the end of the year.

    Lincoln and CLEAR: Lincoln continues its collaboration with CLEAR to provide new Lincoln owners with a complimentary CLEAR membership, allowing them to speed through security checkpoints at participating airports and major arenas nationwide. New Lincoln owners receive a six-month complimentary membership for themselves and a partner. Lincoln Black Label clients receive yearlong memberships.

    CLEAR delivers secure and easy travel to more than 30 airports and arenas nationwide. Members go to a dedicated CLEAR lane where they are greeted by a CLEAR team member. After a simple finger tap or blink of an eye, members are escorted straight to security screening, bypassing the usual long lines. According to CLEAR, members walk through security in minutes every time.

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    Not a bad way to get butts into the showroom.

    I remember when F/M/L had a deal (I believe it was called the Red Carpet Lease) where if you leased 3 or 4 vehicles in a row the last payment on the last vehicle you took ownership. Of course, they discontinued it when they realized it wasn't profitable, but it was definitely interesting to me at the time.

    I think this program could definitely make the brand more desirable to people that get the chance to experience the vehicles more.

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    16 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

    $365 a month for a used 2015 Fiesta? Are they insane?


    One of the mutual friends my son and I share had a Fiesta ST where he took a short term loan and also had a terrible driving record. Both the payment and the monthly insurance were over $385....he was paying almost a grand a month to drive a Fiesta.

    After the kid totaled the Fiesta, sadly, he bought a used Toyota Yaris and paid cash.  Life is much better for him financially now.

    Actually for short term use, $385 is not that bad.

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    23 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

    $365 a month for a used 2015 Fiesta? Are they insane?


    If I'm not mistaken, I think that includes insurance and some maintenance, though. At least I think I read that in this or another article.

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    1 hour ago, lengnert said:

    If I'm not mistaken, I think that includes insurance and some maintenance, though. At least I think I read that in this or another article.

    Yeah, I does, and I was aware of that when posting.  I guess in San Fran  that's not unreasonable, but I only pay $110 a month for 3 cars here in Pittsburgh.

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    I'm not saying it's cheap either.

    But, for someone that needs a vehicle for the short term and wants as little hassle.... it may make sense?

    It is certainly a lot cheaper than renting a car from Hertz etc for more than a few days.


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    11 hours ago, lengnert said:

    I'm not saying it's cheap either.

    But, for someone that needs a vehicle for the short term and wants as little hassle.... it may make sense?

    It is certainly a lot cheaper than renting a car from Hertz etc for more than a few days.


    This absolutely.

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