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  1. I would like the opportunity to drive one of these (not kidding). I really like the big brother Transit. I use them every once in a while as a rental. I like the styling updates very much!
  2. Ford News: 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Roars Into Life

    My, my, my.... It will be in the US within 12 months, no don't. I have nothing bad to say about this truck.... Nothing is perfect, but I have full faith this will be a great little brother to the F150 Raptor.
  3. Here’s Why the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is Worth $100,000

    I almost hate to say it, but this is the kind of vehicle that this Doug dude was meant for. He definitely likes to delve into the minutiae of the features. Generally the driving portion of the videos are less than informational, is driving enthusiast. And that is what makes this new Navigator so well suited for his style. I would have no problem considering this truck because I think it does exactly what Lincoln set out for it to do..... swaddle it's owner in luxurious amenities and coddle in the way it drives. And, there ain't nothing wrong with that!
  4. I have actually been waiting for a more minimalist interior on modern vehicles. I do not like how "busy" interiors have become. I agree that there should be less hard plastic surfaces that appear to be more prevalent, but I can live with that here. I would even be in favor of even more removal of "clutter".
  5. I like where your head's at here!
  6. I will agree with that. But, I have a good deal of experience with the EB engine. I have put many miles one a few EB panel vans that a company I work with rents (we go through Penske and get trucks weekly). While it is true that if you dig into the go pedal like you are trying to win every stoplight race, you will get V8 comparable mileage. However, there is no way I can get as good of mpg's from the V8 trucks we primarily get from them (whether they be Ford or GM), when I drive more conservatively. It isn't even close. And the power delivery is as good or better than the V8's I drive from either make. But yes, I would have been happier personally, if Ford would have gone with the moniker "TwinForce" for the EB (like they contemplated using in Lincoln EB models) engined vehicles across all lines. They could have still have mentioned the mileage gains but emphasized the power factor primarily.
  7. I won't argue with the above. And, Scout, I am not enamored with the name EcoSport either, but at least Ford didn't resurrect the name Probe! P.S. I owned two Probes for full disclosure, and really liked both, but the name is ripe for ridicule? Lol
  8. As much a Ford guy as I am, I couldn't agree more that they have been a little off on some of their marketing. That said, my interest was piqued here! Since I doubt they will (and I certainly could be wrong) user an ST name for the Ranger, I would think it may be for the upcoming EcoSport...?
  9. Leaked! 2019 Lincoln MKX Becomes Nautilus: Comments

    I am pleased and hope they continue the trend of applying names to each of their vehicles...... and also continue to improve each platform to be worthy of each name.
  10. Haha, yeah sometimes it is just a 'thing' we have for a product or brand. It took me a long time (decades) to get over my anti GM bias. I still do not favor a GM over a Ford model, but I can appreciate the vehicles they make now. Except for Camaros! They will always be crap! (At least in comparison to the almighty Mustang)..….... hahahahahaha
  11. 1946 Oldsmobile 98 video

    I like the video for the pics and the info..... but, what is with the robotic sounding narrators on a lot of internet videos these days?
  12. I have to ask..... i sense there is some antipathy towards the modern Fords ( LOL).... it would make me think there may have been a clunker or two Blue Ovals in your past? Either that or a Transit van up and insulted your Mom or something....? What gives, AHWNN?
  13. I do like the exterior styling of the Escalade in this current generation. I was not really enamored with it before. The interior isn't bad either, in fact I would rather it above average. There are things about the new Navigator I have really been impressed with from an exterior perspective and some others I want to see in person before passing final judgement. The interior is the best thing I have seen in a large SUV. Period. When any competitor names their rival by name and backs it up with paying money to limit sales loss it is a huge compliment to that product. So, I would assume the Navigator is all that and the proverbial bad of chips!
  14. Ford News: Ford Keeping Its Mouth Mostly Shut With Wall Street

    Most any company, except possibly one that is in need of bolstering their share price in the short term, would be wise to keep their numbers as 'close to the vest, as possibly with Wall Street in this market environment.
  15. Great Cars: THUNDERBIRD

    You may have a vague recollection of the wondrous elixir that is Thunderbird wine, AHWNN..... however, most of my Thunderbird (the wine) memories are vague due to a wee bit of over-consumption! LOL And to the car, another great video of a (at times) great car!

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