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  1. lengnert

    1985 Mercury Cougar promotional video

    I was more a fan of the T-Bird of the era. Fully dressed, the Cougar was a great looking car, but overall the T-Bird was just a bit better to my eye. The Turbo Coupe was drool worthy for me then, for sure. Having said that, I remember reading a review of the Cougar in MT (I believe), one of the main gripes with the car was the placement of the window switches (on the downslope of the center console from the armrest, if memory serves). He kept stating his dog (in the time he had the vehicle) would place himself in between the seats and his paws would rest on that downslope... thereby rolling the windows down. I do not know why after all these DECADES I remember that part, but I do!
  2. lengnert

    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy: Comments

    I respect Subaru's for what they are; that being reliable, capable and so on. They just aren't my 'cup of tea'. The styling of this new Legacy solidifies that opinion.
  3. lengnert

    1988 Pontiac Bonneville SSE | Retro Review

    I briefly owned an '88 Bonnie SE. It was fairly plain Jane but a good car nonetheless. I did like the SSE's, but were too expensive for me at the time.
  4. lengnert

    A really hot Mustang Convertilbe...

    That generation was not my favorite design, but I am gobsmacked by the 'Verts!!!! I don't recall seeing one as a convertible before...?
  5. I will concur with dfelt here. Selling the new Ram 1500, my biggest gripe with the current 2019 tailgate design is the fact that in the interest of trying to "improve" the design, they have overcomplicated matters. In some regards, this has made it a worse design for truck owners that want to really use the tailgate for more than opening/closing etc. When we do spray in bed liners, my body shop manager complains every time about how difficult it is to remove the tailgates, as well. I can't imagine this new "improvement", much less GM's design is any better and certainly durability is in question.
  6. lengnert


    This is one of those vehicles that I can honestly state that I appreciate the boldness of design at the same time as saying I don't think I could ever own one.
  7. lengnert

    Another big Ford...

    Wow, what a fantastic memory indeed!
  8. lengnert

    Another big Ford...

    You would NOT be wrong, sir!!!
  9. lengnert

    Another big Ford...

    I am such a sucker for the Mustang. Even the II..... A couple of years ago, someone stuffed the 7.3 V10 in a II chassis! It was epic!!!
  10. I, in no way, am arguing your logic.... because it makes sense. But, in selling Heavy Duty Rams... I have seen several truck customers opting out of the Cummins and going with the 6.4 motor. It is, with no doubt, a good gas motor in the Heavy Duty. The reasons vary. It usually comes down to the DEF and/or the fact that the customer isn't towing as much as they thought. I, for one, would not need (currently) to buy a diesel if I wanted a Heavy Duty truck. And the $8000 plus difference in cost would also be a factor in my purchase.
  11. Man, you really have to appreciate how competition improves the breed(s)! I would still opt for the rock solid reliability of the Cummins, but the 7.3 gasser in the Ford Super Duty would (if it is all that it should be) would make me choose the 7.3 over the Ram 6.4!
  12. lengnert

    Another big Ford...

    I did like that era, as well. Below is the closest pic I could find of the LTD I grew up in (my Dad's... bought new and kept for over 10 years). It was a 1975 LTD Landau with (if memory serves me correctly) the 460 motor. It was a beautiful dark burgundy.
  13. lengnert

    Another big Ford...

    That was spectacular!
  14. lengnert

    1985 Lincoln Continental promotional video

    While I can agree to some extent that the D3 had some issues with not replacing some of their 70's platforms quick enough in the 80's to meet the competition.... what platforms they did release (in my opinion) were exemplary. The Taurus/Sable release put the entire industry on notice. My '88 Continental (Ironically enough in consideration of this thread, and based on the Taurus platform) is still one of the cars that I have owned that I think of very fondly. While a part of me yearned for some of the European cars, I would have been happier in a Mustang SVO over a BMW M3 any day. And while my personal taste has always been towards Ford, I could come up with some offerings by GM and Chrysler that would qualify as market leaders in that era.
  15. lengnert

    Item: 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn

    After shuttering my business after a decade winning some and losing too much.... I am working in sales in CDJR dealership. I can say unequivocally that the new 1500 is a well done truck, and the Big Horn/Longhorn model is my favorite (nicely priced and optioned without having to pay Laramie money). Most of my customers that have purchased the Big Horns have been my most enthusiastic about the truck, as well. The only real complaint I have with the truck is the new tailgate. In trying to improve on the design they made it worse (in the way that I think German engineering fails at times... by over complication).

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