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  1. I would be happy to have any one of these in my theoretical car collection. These are the pinnacle of cruising cars, and they look fantastic. Although, ultimately, if I had only one to choose from the Mark III would get the nod!
  2. I am a fan of the whole DRL's turning into chrome accents deal..... I am not a huge fan of how Hyundai applied it here, but to each his own. The interior is nicely done. My friend has a '17 and it isn't that bad, really. I am sure they will sell well for Hyundai.
  3. I am at a CDJR dealer (as I have mentioned) and I have to say one thing. The Transit is one vehicle from Ford that really is (IMHO) a much better vehicle than what I have to sell. I haven't driven a the M-B Sprinter, but most comparos I have seen has the Transit coming out on top. It really is that good.
  4. As much as the sentiments that have been offered above... I think the biggest reason for the demise of that and other smaller cars in the US is more to do with the market for cars in the US and the ability for the D3 to make enough margin on those sales.
  5. Solid logic!! And I don't think ever naming a car that you actually drove as a 'favorite' (as opposed to one you only have experience with via magazine reviews and posters) is ever a bad thing, either!!
  6. I salute the return of the names, as well. It has coincided with a continued resurgence of improvement in the vehicles they are producing, which is even more exciting. I did not agree with the notion that the alpha-numeric names would somehow dilute the brand name. Everyone knew that a Town Car/Continental were Lincoln's along with every other model that they produced. Even the idea of using "MK" was a nod to the Mark Series Lincolns. I would have been more inclined to back using the Mark name designation with a letter to follow than just the "MK" (fill in the blank with another letter) strategy they decided upon. But ultimately, Nautilus - Corsair - Continental (hopefully it somehow continues) - Navigator, provides a much better connection for a Lincoln customer than what they had. Now, produce the MKR and call it the Mark IV and I will be a happy man!!!! **** Lincoln, bring back that car and you may singlehandedly resurrect the personal luxury coupe market **** (he typed wistfully)
  7. The current Focus is old and tired. It needs a refresh and this certainly ups the ante in styling. Whatever the Focus ends up being (I haven't really paid attention to what the CUV type vehicle will be), at least the platform will remain. It definitely leaves an opportunity for a car to be easily reintroduced if necessary.
  8. As some may know, I am definitely a "Ford Man". But, as it is right at the moment, I am working in sales at an FCA dealer. I have for the past year. I had no qualms doing so because I grew up in Mopar house as much as a Ford house as a lad. So, on the new Heavy Duties from Ram. I believe they will be as big a hit as the 1500 was last year. It took me a while to warm up to the new '19 1500, but I didn't have that with the '20 HD. It is definitely a dynamite looking truck. It doesn't appear to climbing up too high in MSRP and capability should be at least as good as the outgoing model across the line. All in all, I am happy to be where I am at right now.
  9. The good news is that cars like these survive. It doesn't take much for a company like Ford to turn the 'car spigot' back on quickly if the market calls for them back here. Add to that the fact that this is a damn fine looking Focus and I am hoping for the same that they bring it back.
  10. I know this is somewhat anecdotal, but to a person, everyone I know that owns one of the new Continental (maybe a 6-8 owners) are more than just a little happy with their cars (all bought new). If it weren't for the fact that my old knees beg for a vehicle to sit a little higher than a sedan, I would be looking for a good pre-owned one myself. I would never buy or own a European vehicle of any sort that was near or over warranty as it is. Talk about depreciation!
  11. I was very close to buying an E30 M3 in '91. The price was right, and yes, even though I thought that highly of the XR4ti I was definitely a big fan of the 'lil Bimmer. Two things held me back. The ride of the M3 was exceptionally harsh and the guy selling the car was a prick (a local Euro pre-owned small lot). He didn't think it was the "car for me" when I mentioned the ride. He also alluded to me not being able to afford it.... so I promptly went out and bought a pre-owned Lincoln Continental (better ride obviously, and one of the best cars I have ever owned) for $5K more.
  12. And of the three cars sitting there I would take the XR4ti every time! That is absolutely the most interesting styling of the three and at least the equal performer! I wouldn't doubt it is the most coveted and valuable (my opinion and not supported by any research), as well.
  13. Yeah, the RS Cosworth was definitely a screamer for the time and is still regarded very highly to this day!

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