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  1. Haha, yeah sometimes it is just a 'thing' we have for a product or brand. It took me a long time (decades) to get over my anti GM bias. I still do not favor a GM over a Ford model, but I can appreciate the vehicles they make now. Except for Camaros! They will always be crap! (At least in comparison to the almighty Mustang)..….... hahahahahaha
  2. 1946 Oldsmobile 98 video

    I like the video for the pics and the info..... but, what is with the robotic sounding narrators on a lot of internet videos these days?
  3. I have to ask..... i sense there is some antipathy towards the modern Fords ( LOL).... it would make me think there may have been a clunker or two Blue Ovals in your past? Either that or a Transit van up and insulted your Mom or something....? What gives, AHWNN?
  4. I do like the exterior styling of the Escalade in this current generation. I was not really enamored with it before. The interior isn't bad either, in fact I would rather it above average. There are things about the new Navigator I have really been impressed with from an exterior perspective and some others I want to see in person before passing final judgement. The interior is the best thing I have seen in a large SUV. Period. When any competitor names their rival by name and backs it up with paying money to limit sales loss it is a huge compliment to that product. So, I would assume the Navigator is all that and the proverbial bad of chips!
  5. Ford News: Ford Keeping Its Mouth Mostly Shut With Wall Street

    Most any company, except possibly one that is in need of bolstering their share price in the short term, would be wise to keep their numbers as 'close to the vest, as possibly with Wall Street in this market environment.
  6. Great Cars: THUNDERBIRD

    You may have a vague recollection of the wondrous elixir that is Thunderbird wine, AHWNN..... however, most of my Thunderbird (the wine) memories are vague due to a wee bit of over-consumption! LOL And to the car, another great video of a (at times) great car!
  7. While I know that EV and maybe even other modes of propulsion are coming into 'vogue', and they have some advantages....... it isn't as if there aren't drawbacks. The ecological damage of mining the various elements needed for the batteries of an EV are a tremendous concern most still don't acknowledge. No to mention the manner in which the energy to 'fuel' the EV vehicles are produced. I am not one to say that internal combustion is the only way to propel automobiles, but EV's etc. are not without fault(s).
  8. Advertising Questionnaire

    Instead of taking the time to post a reply with my own thoughts, I will just quote oh442 here. He puts it into words fairly well what I was thinking, except the really inane and useless stuff (I will leave it to the reader as to what that is... even though it is plainly obvious). LMAO A little ribbing and jesting...... oh442 should get why........ But truly, what is written is spot on to what my input would have been.
  9. 2018 Ford Ecosport SES

    LOL.... No, No, ocn.... it looks fine to me!
  10. Great Cars: Ford MUSTANG

    As to the title of the video and the post.... no argument here! I can't remember not being a Mustang fan. However, I do remember my first experiences with them. My friend's father bought in the early 80's a bright red '68 and I was more than just a little smitten. I remember driving another friend's Fox body LX 5.0 in high school (I have no idea how I convinced him to do so, but...). It was fast, for me at least. I remember going to a dealership with my brother and looking at an SVO and almost begging him to buy it (he didn't).... I remember owning one with a friend of mine and doing a little (very little other than some minor mechanical work and a major clean up and detail), and then selling it for 3x's what we paid. I remember when the '05 came out and just being stunned by how awesome I thought it was..... and then getting a job selling Ford's and driving a number of those models and just loving every minute of it. Ninety Eight... thanks for the video. It was a terrific piece!
  11. General Lee built out of a Ford Crown Victoria

    All is forgiven! LOL
  12. The Restomod and Pro-Tour Dream Car Garage Thread

    I would give you more Upvotes if I could, Balthazar!!! Late 50's Buick's are sweet!
  13. The Restomod and Pro-Tour Dream Car Garage Thread

    Well, I saw this car a while back and then again recently. It takes the much maligned Mustang II to a "better place" and then some! Triton V10 Engine - Beautiful Custom Manifold -- Rear Mounted 6 Speed Trans -- Custom Interior -- Custom Wide Body Exterior I like this one...... quite a bit! Link to an article on the car: http://www.stangtv.com/news/mustang-evolution-the-ultimate-mustang-ii/ I had seen this one before and even being the Blue Oval biased that I am, it is definitely a stunner!!!
  14. 1991 Cadillac commercials

    I know it is probably no consolation, but the new Continental is the closest we have to these types of sedans. Hell, I wouldn't even mind if they found a way to get a bench seat option for the front again. Even if it were only on a FWD model! LOL
  15. General Lee built out of a Ford Crown Victoria

    Well, it is polite to wait until someone says "Thank You"!!!!! LOL Thank you! I keep getting those damn models mixed up!

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