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  1. I'm not saying it's cheap either. But, for someone that needs a vehicle for the short term and wants as little hassle.... it may make sense? It is certainly a lot cheaper than renting a car from Hertz etc for more than a few days.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, I think that includes insurance and some maintenance, though. At least I think I read that in this or another article.
  3. Not a bad way to get butts into the showroom. I remember when F/M/L had a deal (I believe it was called the Red Carpet Lease) where if you leased 3 or 4 vehicles in a row the last payment on the last vehicle you took ownership. Of course, they discontinued it when they realized it wasn't profitable, but it was definitely interesting to me at the time. I think this program could definitely make the brand more desirable to people that get the chance to experience the vehicles more.
  4. See, this is why you are da' man! I know you don't have a personal affinity for Ford and Lincoln, but you are certainly the most even minded when it comes to talking about a brand that you don't favor. Kudos, AHWNN.
  5. To be sure, it would have been even more outstanding if Lincoln would have kept some of the elements you suggested. However, I was not disappointed in the least with my actual (if admittedly brief) direct experience with the car itself. I honestly wish I was in the financial position right now (like I was years ago when I owned a late 80's Signature Series Continental) because it would only be a quick decision between the Lincoln and the Volvo (which would probably fall to the Lincoln because of my personal history). And if they continue to improve the car (and I get my poop together) it will be in my driveway in the next couple of years. And I get that the Fusion is not without some quality issues. But they continue to improve that, and hopefully the new platform they are moving to will be even better for all the models they build off of it. I miss very much my first generation Milan. That was a great looking and completely reliable car. ('05 Premier)
  6. But that speaks volumes, Drew.
  7. I know a pickup is a different animal, but Ford has been offering suicide doors on the Supercab pickups for decades. What the hell, besides a negative bias against Ford, would make anyone think they can't do it right on a luxury sedan? It isn't like it makes it a guarantee that Lincoln might not be able to do it, but good gracious the evidence is in their favor.
  8. Just for full disclosure, those are optional seats. At least I assume they will be, as they are in the Navigator.
  9. I like the styling. The interior is a very clean design, which is great. Tone down the extreme glossy shine of some of the interior bits and Caddy would have something. It is probably the primary thing about Caddy these days which spoil their interiors the most.
  10. With the Navigator proving itself (at least initially) to be a true world class large SUV, I hope for the same for the smaller Aviator. It does look promising, to say the least and having it be a hybrid (although still not high on my personal taste) should open some sales doors.
  11. I will not begin to make predictions on the Continental. What I do know is that I did spend some time in one this past week (although I didn't get to drive, I rode as a passenger for a couple of miles on a test drive). After last week, I decided I needed to go back to the dealership I used to work at (Coccia Ford/Lincoln), and see it first hand..... Finally. It is a really good luxury sedan.... really good. They are not moving off the lot very fast, but they are selling at that dealership at mostly the highest profitable trim levels (more Black Label than they anticipated). I don't know if suicide doors some will move more of the lots, but it is an intriguing idea.
  12. lengnert

    The Year Is: 1988

    I owned an '88 Bonnie SE in the early '90's but I wanted the SSE instead. Circumstances (and an unbelievable deal on the SE) being what they were, the SE was a good car, so I voted for the Pontiac.
  13. I was selling Fords when the original Fusion came out. Ford invested a lot to bring something out that would challenge the Camry and Accord for mid-size sedan sales supremacy. I thought they really did a great job an subsequently has kept the product competitive. But, with the effort they have just maintained a 3rd (albeit a solid 3rd) place. It has mattered not that the Fusion had been better than the Camry in most every respect and the measure of the Accord as well. I bought a Milan in that first year and still think that car (when I see one similar) looks as good as most of the new mids. But, if they cancel the Fusion I will be sad to see it go. However, I will understand why.
  14. Hard to say if the Fusion is profitable. It just may be a matter of it being profitable enough. Or, that if it may be stealing sales from other platform mates (the CUV's) that are more profitable?
  15. I agree. This opinion, for me, would apply to most any new vehicle purchase.

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