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    Rumorpile: Mercedes EQ S Will Be First Model To Use A Dedicated EV Platform

      What we know about the flagship model for Mercedes' EQ lineup

    Mercedes' is planning to have 10 fully-electric models by 2022 - a mix of electric models for current nameplates and new models as part of the EQ family. We've already seen the EQ C crossover and the EQ A hatchback is waiting in the wings. A new report from Autocar has revealed some details on the EQ S, the flagship model of the EQ family.

    The EQ S is expected to launch in 2020 and be first model to use a dedicated EV platform. Known as MEA2, the platform features a lot of aluminum and is designed with a fully flat floor. The EQ C and and EQ A use modified versions of current Mercedes models: MQ C uses a variation of the GLC's platform, and the EQ A will be based on a revised version of the A-Class platform. 

    According to source, the EQ S will slot between the E and S-Class, and be similar in size to the CLS-Class. The EQ S will have a "shorter bonnet and ultra-short overhangs" to help maximize interior space.

    Power is expected to come from a dual-motor layout - one mounted on each axle. The EQ C has a similar layout and produces 402 horsepower and 564 pound-feet of torque. We would expect something similar for the EQ S.

    Source: Autocar

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    LOL- shorter overhangs do zero in increase interior space.

    Why not make these powertrain options on the existing lines vs. making an entire mirrored SUV line? OEM's are STILL hedging their bets on EVs this way.

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    They can make a better EV if it is on a dedicated EV platform, then they can get more space inside and have a flat floor, rather than something with a transmission and exhaust tunnel.  Plus you get a front trunk for whatever that is worth, the EQ C doesn't have that.  

    I think at some point the lines will merge when there is no more gasoline car.  I could see the 2027 the S-class becoming EV only, and then phase out the EQ S at the same time.  Unless that doesn't happen until the 2030s.

    What needs to happen is the AMG version of these electric cars.

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    Motor Authority has a spy photo of the EQ S, but it is so heavily wrapped up you can't tell anything, I tried to post it but it didn't work.

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