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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    2020 Volkswagen Passat Teased Before Detroit

      Updated styling, but retains the same platform

    Volkswagen has released some sketches of the upcoming 2020 Passat that will be debuting next month at the Detroit Auto Show. It is clear that the automaker is addressing one of the biggest complaints about the current model, the boring exterior. Volkswagen is taking some ideas from the smaller Jetta with a larger, upright grille; creasing along the side, and new trunk lid design. Aside from the roof, Volkswagen says all of the body panels are new or modified.

    According to media who got the chance to see the car in person during a preview event, the 2020 Passat's interior features a new center stack with an updated infotainment system. Overall interior space is still expansive.

    We were hoping that the next Passat would transition over to the MQB platform, but the model will remain on the PQ46 platform that underpins the current model. Why is that?

    “This segment is shrinking, and we figured that we can give the customers all they need with the current platform instead of spending to switch to a new one,” said Kai Oltmanns, product manager for the Passat to Motor1.

    Automotive News reports that the 2020 Passat will retain the turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder and six-speed automatic.

    Pricing for the 2020 Passat will be announced near to its release date, expected to sometime next summer.

    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required), Motor1, Volkswagen

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    { the model will remain on the PQ46 platform that underpins the current model. Why is that? “This segment is shrinking, and we figured that we can give the customers all they need with the current platform instead of spending to switch to a new one,” said Kai Oltmanns, product manager for the Passat }

    This statement along with the pictures of VW's EV sedan which I think is super sexy makes me think this could be the last ICE version of this auto so why waste R&D dollars on moving to the MQB platform when you can make this stretch as you plan to introduce a superior EV.


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    I had an 89 and 99 SHO, the newest SHO is faster on paper than both, drove one once, it's not at all the same thing.  I would take the 89 and even the 99 over it in a heartbeat.  The current one, too bunker like, too truck like.  Powertrain wasn't emotionally appealing.  It's not even compelling as a fast luxury car.  Maybe it was the size and weight and AWD drag.  IF you want a large trunk though, the 2010+ Taurus is the thing to get.

    My guess is the 400hp MKZ v6 is the way to go if you are a Ford fan and want a sedan with verve yet.  Fusion Sport a nice option compared to the SHO at least.

    Perhaps if Ford had ever redesigned the intrusive console in the current Taurus, and if it were even slightly space efficient inside at all, it may have helped its fate.

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    11 hours ago, A Horse With No Name said:

    Interesting, I remember when Saturn put in contaminated coolant into a large batch of new cars, some were delivered to customers and others were still on the lot. Saturn did not want anyone getting a car that would die early due to corrosive issues, recalled them all and gave new cars to the buyers with gas card for the inconvenience and then crushed them all. 

    Seems this is the opposite, instead of having this cost during the startup of a product line, they still sold them to make money till it was uncovered.

    Seems VW has a nasty habit of trying to cut corners and lie about it. Sad.

    Hopefully the customers will get a decent deal. VW could build huge positive goodwill by just replacing them all with new.

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    • I’m 99% sure it’s coming, just not officially announced. It might be a 2026 model. They’ve already developed the powertrain for the China market and with Barra’s reversal on PHEVs in the US, it seems logical to not waste development dollars.
    • I've warmed up to this more and more.  Even if the front end / grille is a little extreme and non Trad Buick, it actually comes off like some other brands.  Side profile as well.  I think Buick's distinction with these new front ends is to become sort of anonymously familiar with other brands like Toyota  and Subaru, but different enough so it looks unique vs other GM stuff. I am ok with the side profile now too, mostly.  It's generic but not badly done.  About as good as you can expect. The interior looks nice in pictures but I wonder if the dash materials will be cheap looking.  I like the idea of a big screen but it is a bit blob-like in its shape.  But that is the distinguishing feature of Buick interiors now.  I like the Traverse and Acadia interiors also, but the Enclave's is unique enough to appeal to someone who doesn't want the usual Chevy or GMC look.
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    • The new Traverses make me double take as I think they are a Tahoe at first but then something in the back of my brain will click and say "WRONG". The difference between Equinox EV and Blazer EV is range, performance, and sportiness. 
    • I had seen first of the new traverses about 4 weeks ago but forgot to load pictures here . Lot trolling just now. The equinox EV is here now , not sure why we have the Blazer EV then since they are about the same interior size. Silverado EV in work truck trim sure looks meh.    the new traverses here I’ve seen have been front drive only, explains why they haven’t sold yet. Anyone here is snow country will look to get AWD.     
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