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  • balthazar

    Trivia Tuesday, May 19 2015

      Can you identify these oddball cars in this week's Trivia Tuesday?

    Can you identify these oddball cars in this week's Trivia Tuesday?


    Identify these, if you please!









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    I please, but I can't.


    So, have to sit this one out.  Dammit.



    Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

    1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve
    "Now, how do you feel?" __ Dido __ 'Don't Think Of Me'
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    Thank you dfelt! I knew that shape looked familer I just could not put my finger on the manufacturer name.


    #1 Looks like an off-road varient similar to a Fiat X1/9

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    3.) Ocnblu was coy, and §§ was specific, so you two can share the trophy. '63 Corvette reimaged by Pinninfarina & called the Corvette Rodine.


    The rest of you keep digging. :)

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    I agree with knightfan, this is perhaps the most difficult one.


    My try -


    1) Autobianchi A112


    2) Schlörwagen or the pillbug


    4) 1961 Seagrave

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    ^ Aaaaaaaaaaaannd this week's Trivia Tuesday is all wrapped up!

    Z-06, you are correct on your 3 answers. A Bologna sandwich is on the way to you via Fed Ex Ground.


    - - - - -

    #2 is the 1939 prototype design by German engineer Karl Schlor. It was wind tunnel-tested at .18 cd. It's whereabouts / fate is unknown. 


    The Seagrave is a very interesting project IMO, coming from the fire truck manufacturer Seagrave. I've often wondered if there would be any business case advantages for a HD manufacturer to build a (in this case: very) light duty auto.   


    - - - - -

    See you next Tuesday!

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    Thanks Sir. That #1 and 4 had really had me scratching every part of my body to find answers. #2 I had seen it in an article that talked about wind tunnel testing, I just didn't know the name.


    But that was a long Sherlock-esque search.

    At least I got the country for #2 right. I'm quite pleased with myself really :D


    You should be proud.

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    Ha number 2 looks familiar some how. Im not sure how but I feel like I've seen many pictures of it in the past. I believe it is German.

    As for number 4 it looks like a seagrave to be honest.

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