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  • balthazar

    Trivia Tuesday, May 19 2015

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      Can you identify these oddball cars in this week's Trivia Tuesday?

    Can you identify these oddball cars in this week's Trivia Tuesday?


    Identify these, if you please!









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    I please, but I can't.


    So, have to sit this one out.  Dammit.



    Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

    1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve
    "Now, how do you feel?" __ Dido __ 'Don't Think Of Me'

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    #1 gives me the impression of a Fiat based auto.


    #2 gives me a french vibe.


    #3 looks like the Mako shark car.


    #4Desoto or Studabaker?

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    Thank you dfelt! I knew that shape looked familer I just could not put my finger on the manufacturer name.


    #1 Looks like an off-road varient similar to a Fiat X1/9

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    3.) Ocnblu was coy, and §§ was specific, so you two can share the trophy. '63 Corvette reimaged by Pinninfarina & called the Corvette Rodine.


    The rest of you keep digging. :)

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    I agree with knightfan, this is perhaps the most difficult one.


    My try -


    1) Autobianchi A112


    2) Schlörwagen or the pillbug


    4) 1961 Seagrave

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    ^ Aaaaaaaaaaaannd this week's Trivia Tuesday is all wrapped up!

    Z-06, you are correct on your 3 answers. A Bologna sandwich is on the way to you via Fed Ex Ground.


    - - - - -

    #2 is the 1939 prototype design by German engineer Karl Schlor. It was wind tunnel-tested at .18 cd. It's whereabouts / fate is unknown. 


    The Seagrave is a very interesting project IMO, coming from the fire truck manufacturer Seagrave. I've often wondered if there would be any business case advantages for a HD manufacturer to build a (in this case: very) light duty auto.   


    - - - - -

    See you next Tuesday!

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    Thanks Sir. That #1 and 4 had really had me scratching every part of my body to find answers. #2 I had seen it in an article that talked about wind tunnel testing, I just didn't know the name.


    But that was a long Sherlock-esque search.

    At least I got the country for #2 right. I'm quite pleased with myself really :D


    You should be proud.

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    Ha number 2 looks familiar some how. Im not sure how but I feel like I've seen many pictures of it in the past. I believe it is German.

    As for number 4 it looks like a seagrave to be honest.

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