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My insane weekend..

Robert Hall

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My girlfriend, my sister and her boyfriend, and I went to Hawaii for the weekend--flew out of Phoenix Friday morning to Honolulu, came back late last night then my g/f and flew back to Denver this morning..I'm a zombie (less than 3 hrs sleep last night).

We went for the Pearl Jam/U2 concert in Aloha stadium--the last show on U2's Vertigo tour...incredible show. Pearl Jam was my favorite 'grunge' band in college and U2 is probably my all-time favorite band (behind Pink Floyd), so it was a very special night.

We had an '06 Mustang convertible rental..a bit tight for 4 people, but a lot of fun for driving around the island.

There were loads of Dodge Calibers and Saturn Auras (the first I had seen of them on the road--they look great)...rentals I presume, like all the V6 Mustang convertibles.. Crown Vics and Grand Marquis were pretty common also, many with sunroofs (something I've never seen on one on the mainland..)

Ate way too much bbq pork, spare ribs, chicken, macaroni salad, Thai, etc.

I had never been to Hawaii, but I'm going to have to go back for a week or two eventually...what a beautiful place...the beaches, the mountains, everything so GREEN!!!!

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Hey, sounds like fun. I'll trade you. Your marathon for my marathon -- finals week for 3 graduate night classes, surreptitiously slipping out the back door early from the office to study. It will be all over in 8 days.

I've never been to Hawaii either, and I grew up in LA. I know that's weird. EVERYBODY I know has been. I don't know anybody there nor anybody who wanted to go, so I always went to Florida or across the pond, as I have relatives in both places. Can't say I like what you ate, though. I'm not a big fan of pork and I absolutely detest Thai food, or anything minimally spicy, for that matter.

It's always fun to see what kind of rental cars are in vogue at a particular location. I, too, have seen the Aura and it is attractive...I believe it runs with the 3500 VVT V6. Needless to say, in Eastern Canada, your chance of getting an Allure/LaCrosse is higher than it is elsewhere.

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Wow, that sounds like fun, moltie.  I hope you took pictures, otherwise the quick in-and-out might fade from your memory quicker.


Oh yeah..took lots of pics... and ate lots of macadamia nuts for snacking...chocolate covered ones... wasabi and terayaki flavored ones.. (my favorite).. and guava chips.

(also ingested lots of immodium and pepto-bismol.. :)

Got to catch up on sleep tonight so I can be back to work tommorow.

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My buddy told me that in Hawaii they only have two types

of rental cars... Mustang convertibles & Jeep Wranglers. :P

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My buddy told me that in Hawaii they only have two types

of rental cars... Mustang convertibles & Jeep Wranglers. :P


There were a ton of them... the Mustangs are all 6-cyl automatics. Hertz also had some Shelbys, but they are outrageously pricey...they also had a few C6 convertibles and XKs. The Hertz lot also had lots of Corollas, Crown Vics and Grand Marquises (I should have rented one of these--way more room for 4, but the convertible was more fun).

Lots of Dodge Calibers, Auras, and G6 rentals from Avis around also..

(by the way, I know I've railed against BOF as being old school, but lately the Crown Vic LX Sport has been looking very attractive to me..am I getting old???)

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