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Not TTops but other cool option


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GM has shown off a ttop like panaramic roof on 2 different concept cars produced around the world.

The first being on the Holden Torana 3.6TT
Posted Image
Posted Image

Then on the Opel Antara GTC concept
Posted Image
Posted Image

My question is how would you guys feel about seeing this as an option on the next Camaro instead fo TTops?

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That Astra looks like it's going bald with that receding roof line.


Is that the George Costanza Edition? DId John Voight own it? :lol:

Cooler than T-tops and these Maxima style sunroofs is the Porsche Targa's retractable roof.

Posted Image Edited by Sixty8panther
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sorry fellas but i disagree on this one, no sunroof can ever give you the same feeling or look as t-tops. convertibles suck because they ugly up good cars when the top is up, t-tops is the only wat to go in my book


Same here, no sun-roof... T-tops or whatever the Vette has (entire roof section is removable). Then again, if the next get Camaro is no longer a hatch-back/fast-back, then I don't think either would look good.
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