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According to MSN, GM has been killed


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I was just scanning MSN when I saw this piece of BS:

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Eventually, you get to the Delorenzo article "Hell Freezes over," but first you see a picture that says, "GM: What went wrong. Here's why Toyota became #1 and is likely to stay there."

So, apparently GM is now "dead" because they are no longer #1 (for the first quarter, I might add). WTF? This is the most deceiving headline I've seen in quite a while, and to say that GM is now "dead" because they were outsold by Toyota by a relatively small margin in the first quarter in global sales is ridiculous. Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, VW, and every other carmaker besides Toyota must be dead too. And until recently, Toyota was not crowned #1, so I rule that they just now rose from the dead and are alive again :rolleyes:

Oh, the media...

I'm sending them a comment and suggest others do as well.

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Despite the flogging and rejoicing I've seen on the media, not a single customer has mentioned it...yet. I don't think this will have the negative impact that the rumours of bankruptcy did 18 months ago - that hurt! This will pass. The Toyota Star has been calling Toyota the "largest car company by market valuation" for a couple years now to keep keep their cheques coming.

Besides, one quarter does not a year make!

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One fo the best college professors I ever had said somthing very smart once:

Being No.2 in an industry is sometimes the BEST place to be!

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True. An old-timer who had been selling cars for nearly 30 years told me the same thing when I started. He said everybody wants to bring down the number one guy by any means necessary, but nobody pays attention to the #2 guy. Besides, once you are at the top, there is nothing else to aspire to!

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