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Greetings from Europe


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Hey guys:

I made it! I am here. Just woke up from sleeping for about 6 hours at my cousins' house. It is hot and humid.

It was a free ticket, so I had to put up with the routing. It took 37 hours of flying and FIVE segments to find available seats.

The routing:

1 - Delta - Portland to Salt Lake City (Delta hub)

2 - Delta - Salt Lake City to Atlanta (Delta hub) - "red eye"

3 - Delta - Atlanta to Montreal

4 - Air France - Montreal to Paris - "red eye," they all are

5 - Air France - Paris to Florence

Kid in the candy store experience:

Upon arrival at the Air France check in at Montreal, I asked if my "favorite" seat on the 747 was available. It was not. I spoke French to the guy who was very helpful. He said, though, that he could get me a better seat since the plane was far from full and he saw the ridiculous number of preceding flights, noting that I must be tired. He put me on the second floor of the plane and at a window!

What an orgasmic experience...unbelievable! You are so high off the ground and look down and back at the engines. It was also much quieter since you are farther from the engines. The rotation is interesting as you are among the first segments of the plane to lift. There was plenty of legroom and footrests. This was the first transoceanic flight on which I was able to sleep. In general, if you speak French to the French, the level of service and friendliness kicks up in a noticeable way. Air France has always treated me well.

My travel plans: Florence - Sicily - Northern Portugal - Madeira - Canary Islands - Valencia - Sardinia - Munich and Bavaria - Venice and Northern Italy - Florence. People watching here is a total trip judging from the Paris airport -- an unbelievable melange of people from everywhere.

I will check in from time to time and, if I find a web hosting service for photos upon return, I will post some.

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You went off to Europe and left your poor mother home alone? :unsure:

She does not feel up for the trip.

Plus, if you knew how screwed up and catty the relatives were in 2000 (you know, Americans must have money) when she was last there, she has chosen never to make the trip again and I don't blame her. I head for Sicily tomorrow AM and will not be seeing any of my relatives down there.

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That's too bad about the family issues in Europe. I have yet to visit my cousins in France, but from what my Grandmother told me, they're your typical French citizens: have nothing nice to say about America or capitalism. Therefore, I'd rather wait for our government to clean up it's act and switch hands before I do any travelling across the atlantic.

I hope you have a great time in Europe!

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I'm in Europe, too. Brugge, Belgium.

Now it's Prague... it isn't as beautiful as everybody says, but the Czech sure like their discotecs. We also did London, Paris, Hiedelberg, and have Salzburg, Venice, Florence, and Greece left.

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Now it's Prague... it isn't as beautiful as everybody says, but the Czech sure like their discotecs.

Thanks for this info. I will then skip it in the future. I really only like Italy, Spain and Portugal since I can speak the languages and (hopefully) avoid trouble. Greece is nice, though....food and beaches...drool.

Remember: NO wallets in back pockets...EVER!

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Because of the recent personal things going on in our lives, my trip to Germany was rescheduled for August, I need to get back to my roots ASAP.

But please don't become too grundlich as a result of excessive Teutonic exposure. :smilewide:
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