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"Jon Lauckner, General Motors’ global product planning boss, says the Vauxhall two-seater will come to market with a 2.0-liter supercharged four-cylinder. The engine is expected to produce in excess of 200 hp and peak torque of 200 lb-ft, according to insiders. Look for the boosted engine in Solstice and Sky late next year" :alcoholic: :alcoholic: :alcoholic:
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Does this not contradict the spy photos that we saw a while ago about the Solstice and the turbo engine? :(  :(  :(


Apparently it is old info. Unless this is a mid range model with a Solstice GXP with the 2.4 Turbo coming later.
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Supercharger: Cool Turbo: Coolest! The only reason why I think the SRT4 is cooler than the Cobalt SS/SC is because the turbo makes it so much more tunable. I'd still get the Cobalt over the Neon but if the Cobalt had a turbo I wouldn not even hesitate.
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