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Got to view latest cr - WOW does Ford look good


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I was impressed by the ratings Ford got in the latest issue of cr. Someone at Ford must of found out who to pay off and how. Now it's GMs turn to find out who to pay off. They seemed to be all over the board.

Oddley enough, there were a few GM cars that did great in JD Power but not so good with cr. I guess that goes back to my first statement.

I did notice that the acura tl got a near perfect rating and the HHR did not. Funny, our experience is the complete opposite. Add to that, our Cobalt got a worst rating than our HHR. Not that either was bad, but our Cobalt actually was put together better in the end.

With all the hoopla of cr not recommending the camry, cr made sure to group the V-6 and 4-cyl together so at a glance it still looks like they give it their seal of approval.

The turda really did get a below average rating. :)

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i've owned 3 fords from new or near new and all have been near trouble free. whatever glitches have been minor. glad this is showing up on CR reports now. it's a big part why i picked my 500 over a maxima even though both were within my reach. i felt skittish about the nissan's record and i knew i could trust the ford even if it was a new model.

my 500 feels as tight now at over 30k as it did new. sometimes domestics feel sloppy starting around 30k.

throw some kudos in here to volvo and mazda i think its a big part of this, especially with the fusion. the mazda6 chassis is bulletproof. the focus is very recommended by them to, because its the US version that is tried and true.

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