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American Society Sucks

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Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Terrell Owens, Paris Hilton, David Beckham.

Who are these people and what are they to you? Well, that’s easy, they are celebrities. They are rich and famous; they are amazing people – right or wrong?

Obviously that statement is right. Photographers make millions of dollars to follow them around and find out what’s going on in their lives, and it’s so easy for them to do it. These celebrities put their entire lives out on the street to sell themselves; they’re basically whores, all of them. But that’s fine because these paparazzi are making their cash and we’re just soaking it up.

“What happened to Paris?! No way!” You know I’m right.

Now go ahead and turn on the radio or tv and tell me you don’t hear or see something about one of these people. That’s right, say it with me, celebrities are just people. They sing, dance, lip sync, act, play sports, and make tons of money for really doing nothing at all. They’re entertainers, but the sad part is that this entertainment business consumes their mind, soul, and body.

So, really, what can they do that we can’t, embellish their lives to the fullest extent just to get a little publicity? I don’t know about you or the next person, but I have morals and would never do what half of these celebrities do on a daily basis. To throw everything that I am out in the public eye to be published in magazines, thrown in pictures around the internet, and have everybody see me stupid drunk every day of the week because I’m rich and don’t need rehab is just absolutely ridiculous and downright retarded, but we love it.

We will sit there for hours looking them up to find out what’s going on in Hollywood. What did Halle Berry wear to the Golden Globes? Why did Kanye West break down? And can you believe what’s going on between Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson, and the Dallas Cowboys? Seriously, I don’t give a damn what’s going on with any of these people. I care just as much about them as I do any random person I drive past on the road. Hell, at least I saw that person face to face. I’ll never see 95% of these celebrities except for in publications, and I’ll sure as hell hear their name over and over on the radio or wherever else.

Honestly, why should we care? They’re people just like you and I. The only difference is, as I said earlier, they’re rich and famous. Why should we care about fame and fortune? Most of us will grow up to be school teachers, managers, engineers, or something we have to earn the right to do. We should be more respected than them because of the fact that we actually earn our jobs. Most of the celebrities were found when they were young and have been in the spotlight since, collecting money and portraying themselves as douches.

Ahh, you know what? I know when I’ll start caring about them. Here’s an idea: they should all be a society in themselves and sent to a third world country, a small one. Let’s put them on an island somewhere in the heart of the Pacific and see how long they last and who comes out on top. Wouldn’t that be great?! They’d all be equal fools and have no idea how to live their lives because we’d leave them without paparazzi, media, and fans. That’s right, we’d just put out hidden cameras to watch them be lost in a world without technology, somewhere where money means even more to them than ever before because they’ll have none. And the funny part is that nobody would really come out on top because in the end they’d die from starvation because they didn’t know that steak comes from cows (oh yeah, by the way, there are cows on the island too, and they would outlast the celebrities).

Alright, well I’ll end this rant. I just can’t believe how much our society relies on wanting to know more about Britney (do I even have to say Spears?) or anybody else. You would rather watch a half hour episode on what’s going on in Hollywood then go out to vote and do something that will actually affect you. Many of you make me sick. But it’s cool, because I’ll just down a bottle of Tylenol and OD on it. Oh $h!, nobody will care, I’m not a celebrity. haha

Just a little food for thought…

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I don't pay attetion to celebrities usually. at least not the ones that are sports people, famous cause of their family, or movie stars.

i'd pay attention to celebrites like, Cosby, or Penn and Teller cause they'll talk about stuff, not just... "oh look at me, cause i'm "famous"".

Penn and Teller's "BS" is awesome.

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subliminally we want to see people who have 'succeeded' fail because it makes us feel better about our own pathetic lives.

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Me too. I felt like writing. :smilewide:

Kind of funny..I thought about posting this a few days ago....guess I got a little busy.... :)

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People who are not famous are amazing in their own ways. It's just less obvious.

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