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A Horse With No Name

Best GM car in a move? What is your pick?

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What GM movie car do you like the best-

To me it's the Impala ragtop in Boyz in the Hood.

What's yours?

Wasn't it a Pontiac Grand Am or something in that really wild chase in The French Connection?

Also like...

The 58 Chevy and 55 Chevy from American Graffiti, the movie Two Lane Blacktop, and theTrans Am in smokey and the Bandit.

Non GM car things that were obviously cool were the chase in Bullet, but I loved watching Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. The ending where the Charger slams into the train I saw when I was like 7 years old and it was my first real taste of movie violence involving a car. That scene has stayed with me for a long time.


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Modern era: '06 Camaro concept-clone in transformers. (it had no b-pillars either!!!)

Classic movie, dead tie between:

1. Chevy small block V8 powered '55 Chevy in American Graffiti


2. Chevy small block V8 powered '32 (Driver Returns On Foot) non-GM "hot-rod" also in American Graffiti

Either way that race turned out GM was going to WIN!

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For mid 60s Chevrolets it's definitely 'Bewitched', a recent episode had a street scene with about 5 or 6 Chevrolets....no other models on the street. Darrin was driving a Malibu convertible, so nice.

Here is the supercar that Samantha whipped up for Darrin, the Reactor Mach II. It was also used in an espisode of Batman and Star Trek. It had a Corvair engine.


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Demolition Man!

All the cars, but most of all that red 1970 442! :smilewide:

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