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Ok, I'm thinking of starting a band...


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Sort of a folk/punk/techno fusion kind of thing with some operatic undertones and just a whispering aftertaste of house.

We'll call ourselves "The Gay Sulus."

What's the name of your band?
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All the more to make her better!! I like the one that's on her left (our right). She's hot. Wonder if she's over 30 now :)


The one flashing the V?

Yes, that's Victoria Adams Beckham (Posh Spice), David Beckham's wife. She was my favorite B)

I also enjoyed Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice...the one with the ginger hair) before she went solo and anorexic.
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Well, unlike you jokesters, I actually have a band. It's called "Black Viper". It's a mix of rock, rap, and techno. I am the lead singer and electric pianist while Esteban is the lead electric guitarist and second singer, Shawn is the second guitarist, Cory M. is the bassist, and Justin is the drummer. We've been together since 1988. We released our first album back in 1992. It was called "Satan's Arrival". It debuted at #234 on the charts. It peaked at #198. Sold roughly 40,000 copies. Our second one came out around 1995. It was called "Wrath of Satan". It debuted at #190 and peaked at #127. Sold about 200,000 copies. Our third record really gave us fame. It came out in 1997 and was called "The Death of Satan". Debuted at a shocking #45 and peaked at at even more shocking #14. Sold 700,000 copies. We got alot of TV spots because of it which really help our next album. It was a double album and very 'rock symphonic". It was called "Revenge" with "Part I" and "Part II". Released in 2000, it debuted at #5 and peaked at #2. Came so close to #1. Went Double Platinum with it. It was a great album... Our next one, and at the moment last, was a self-titled ablum released in 2002. Debuted and peaked at #11. Sold 800,000 copies. I don't know if we'll bring out another album.
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Wow, and they thought Mozart was a prodigy at 4 years old... BV was writing songs in eutero. You must have been the first lead singer fetus. :lol: :P If I di have a Band it would be called something badass like: Incinerator Breaking Rod Smack Rabbit Acid Fire Crusher Tripple Six Stukka Jupiter Seven Satans Flak Racket Queefer Smack Daddy This Whore That Cadaver Hollow Point or something car realated like: Firethorn Invicta Lead Sled Four Twenty Seven Rat Rod Bitchin Camaro White Diamond Blue Panther Burnout ...those are just off the top of my head. I had come up wiht like 300 ides for names for my friend Mark's band. The used to be called "Mugsy" but wanted a new name, they ended up going With "Bionic". Kind of corny IMO.
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Just thought up a few more eating breakfast: 69 caliber Gemorah Broken Record Optimus Max 12 gauge Vertical Smile Skank Sinatra Edited by Sixty8panther
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